HI, this is me.  Shaun Baird.  Crazy guy from the Uk.  A guy who loves to be free.

So, a bit about me.

First up I am self employed.   I work for myself.  I currently run a very successful offline business I have built up over the past 10 years, but at the same time, during my spare time I work at home online.  The online stuff is where my heart and soul is, and one day I may very well give up the offline job, but for now I have a great balance.

Well, that’s my caricature at the top there.  I’ll pop my real picture at the end of this page.

Who is this guy anyway?

I’m one of the many millions of people who have long desired to be free from the grind of a “job”.  I have managed to make over $1000 a month TWICE using Google and ranking websites in their search listings.

I have always had a soft heart towards people who are controllers of their own destiny, i.e. those who run their own business and for a long time I have wanted the same.  Being in a job just doesn’t do it for me, and regardless of what family say I must do, I always end up trying something relating to starting my own business.

I’ve currently got 3 girls and a step son and am engaged to a totally amazing woman who I love with all my heart (Andrea 🙂 x) and although life is extremely hectic 24/7 we somehow get through each day, before collapsing in a heap at night when the kids go to bed 😉

Money making throughout my life

I’ve tried a number of things offline through the years ranging from mail order, writing manuals and selling them to local businesses, MLM and even passing flyers out to people so I can write them a CV – that was a bet, to see if I could make money from nothing..  actually Ive got a very long story about that but I will leave it for some other time.

My offline business is well established now.  It’s a lawn care company and brings in some nice profits often over $1500 per week. It also brings me some much needed exercise and human interaction.  I may well give it up one day when my dreams and goals change, but for now I am able to run the offline business and still devote several hours each day to my online endeavours.


Eventually things turned to the internet and I knew I had found where my heart wanted to be.  After a string of failed websites and a loss of over $30,000 I decided I was going to stick to one thing and one thing alone and focus on it.. and it worked.

The money never came easy for me, it took over 14 months before it started to trickle in regularly, but it does come in now every day, thank goodness.

These days I am working on a few things.  Affiliate marketing, the Amazon affiliate network and list building.  I also post tips on here so please do bookmark my site and if you’ve got any questions just get in touch.

I mainly work on a single website that reviews products and writes tips and advice related to the products I review.  I love the buzz of waking up to see people have visited my website and gone on to Amazon to buy a product or two.  It is a buzz quite like no other, and hopefully you can share this journey with me together.

Stick around and you may just get benefit from the nuggets I share here, or on my Facebook page or my Youtube channel.

Onwards and upwards,