Now I am working on my online plans

Ive spent a few weeks mulling over the huge array of business “ideas” and opportunities that exist.  I am acutely aware of several genuine ways to make money online having tried most!

Honing things down I am now getting more settled on my plan.

Niche websites – done it before, can do it again – Ive now purchased two domains and have started setting things up ready for content – Ive outlined a few hundred phrases I intend to write about too – so it’s a case of getting these things written.

Affiliate marketing – straight to the “money making” community.  A simple plan for a few quick commissions – will see how this goes.

Then with the addition of time and a growing bank balance I will start list building (or much sooner lol!)

I am also reinvigorating my facebook group Ive run for nearly 2 years in an attempt to push up the earnings via that (recommending products to the target group members)..  with it-s co-existing website at it’s best it was looking like around £300 per month ($500USD).. Id like to get back to that then look to increase those numbers

Ok will report back again soon…