How to make £50 fast

Need some extra money like in the next few days and not sure what to do?
We’ve all been there, so don’t worry.

This article is all about making FAST money.. money you need in a hurry.

We want to show you some fab ways of making around £50 in the next few days.

Shall we dive right in?

Method 1:

Use a spare room in your house to earn money.

If you have spare room at your home, or you perhaps have a converted garage or barn that can comfortably sleep people then why not use it to make you some fast money.

Start off by going to AirBnB (this is the link to the AirBnB website) and sign up.

It is possible to earn pretty much a full time income from this method right from the start.

Unfortunately there is no REAL guarantee you will earn money in the next few days, but if you have any one or more of these opportunities all around you, you might as well put to action as many of your chances as you can and hopefully some of them will pay off.

So you will need to create a listing for your room.  Upload pictures, and about you and set your prices realistic.

If the price is cheaper initially compared to others you may get the business quicker (and if you give the guests a good experience, nice room, perhaps breakfast included, you might get a good review and lead on to more business).

Method 2:

Sell old items or items you hardly ever use

This method is perhaps one of the most reliable as there are always bargain hunters out there.

Start off by gathering your old bits and bobs.  Think furniture, baby clothes, toys, xbox games etc.

You can get good money for furniture but more like £1 an item for other bits.  If you are realistic you will do much better.

You could rent a stall at a car boot or sunday market and theres every chance you will make £20 to £50.

Alternatively you can head over to Facebook and join one of the many “buying and selling” groups.

Here’s how:

In the Facebook search, start out by typing “things for sale in Doncaster (put your own area instead of Doncaster)”…

Click on one of the groups and find where it says join group

You will see many groups you can join.  Just click the join button.

Join quite at least 4 or 5 groups.  The ones with plenty of members (for example of 5000) will give you a better response rate.

Facebook will tell you once the group has approved your request to join.

Then simply write a description of what you are selling and add a picture.

If your price is fair then with any luck you will get a sale.  Remember that people always try to negotiate so start out pricing a bit higher!

Additionally try any of the local pawn shops, or Gold shops, or you can even pop your items onto Gumtree.

Method 3:

Work a few hours

Perhaps not what you want to hear but there are often times when someone needs a pair of hands for a few hours or a day or even a few days.

You can find gardeners who need a help for a big job, cleaners who need help when they’re too busy, landscaping companies who need hired labour (in other words doing all the donkey work carrying stuff to and from the van to site etc.).

It’s worth asking a question in one of the Facebook buying and selling groups along the lines of:

“Hi, hope this is ok, but does any one have any spare work available for just a few hours or couple of days?”

Quite often people will reply mentioning a person who is looking, or they may know of a job going in a local bar or shop for example.

Other ways to do some work include:

  • Leaflet delivery.  Can be very hard, tiring and the pay is very often very poor.. but if you are determined you can make £25 to £50 per day.
  • Car cleaning / grass cutting or other small service – either knock on doors or pop a leaflet through.  “Grass cuts on this street this week.  Your grass would cost £15”.  You will be surprised how many folks take this up when there is a price already on their leaflet!  many folks wont call if there is no price in case you try to rip them off.

Method 4:

Re-sell a freebie or bargain

If you see something listed on eBay or Gumttee that is being given away, or even sold for a ridiculously cheap price, snap it up and see if you can re-sell it on to the local pawn shops.

I have personally seen numerous computer chairs that are listed on eBay for a 99p start price and don’t get any bids.  You simply wait and put in a 99p bid 10 seconds before the end of the auction.  You can re-sell this on Facebook for £5 or £15 even before you’ve been to pick it up!  We have successfully done this a few times.

Years ago I used to buy and sell Sony playstations (back the it was the PS1).  I’d scour the Saturday free newspapers called “ad-mag” at 7am and call people up at 8am..   I’d pop rouind to look at one and offer them a price a bit cheaper..  then I would be re-listing the same console back on Ad-mag the next week for £20 more.  Do this a few times a week and there’s your money.)

NOTE:  You sometimes see people giving stuff away for free on facebook to help out those less fortunate. I don’t recommend you ask for the freebie (saying you have nothing in your house), unless you have no morals.

For FAST CASH, these are some of the most realistic ways I believe can help you get to that extra £50 in the next few days.

There are countless other ways to make money slower and which will increase, but they don’t belong here.

If you try one of these tips, please comment below and let me know how you got on, and if you managed to get the the extra £50 you needed!