How To Gain “Trust” From Google

This post has been written but with a small caveat.  I am still learning (and will do forever more).

I have been reading up on how it is important to gain trust in the eyes of Google.

If you are a spammer who registers a site for one year and does all manner of silly stuff, building a trillion links and creating poor content then Google won’t favour your site.

If on the other hand you register your domain for at least 2 years and “create your brand” then this is good..

So how to create your brand:

For a start you need to have your “whois” information public, not hidden.

You know, there is a real person behind this “all new website”

You need branded links..

Ie if you can attract a link make sure it contains your website name, i.e. as opposed to a keyword anchor link.

You need to show off your author profile – so it helps to create a Google+ profile and pop an author plugin into your site so your name and “real” photo are shown at the end of your posts.

You need to link out to other sites

No more “all my links are going to Amazon”…  that’s wrong..

Instead link out to authority related sites such as wikipedia..

This helps Google understand what your site is all about.

You need to wait…

An authority website takes time to build and Google needs to learn to trust your site among the other million trillion (etc.) out there..

I’ve read that authority sites can take at least 10 months to gain trust..  and they grow by a fixed amount of 10% each month.

I’ve no idea how true that is BUT I agree to a degree that time is needed (providing you’re doing everything else right)..  and we are talking a good 6 months upwards.. more often a year…

NOTE: there will be stories of people achieving super success in as little as 4 months, but who knows what they did..  they might have used sneaky techniques or gained more authority quicker.

Choose your link partners carefully

If someone links to you and their site is a spammy site you might not want that link.  However if you get a link/mention from, say Wikipedia, or an educational establishment, then Google sees this as a trusted link and some of that trust flows to your site.

Produce the BEST content regularly

No getting away from it – your site needs to be the best and offer the most help.

Include images or videos or graphs – or whatever is needed to get your points across

Typically sites with around 2400 upwards content length (number of words) rank highest (for now)…  the takeaway from this is you need to write good solid content and write enough until you feel you’ve thoroughly helped the reader.

How do you know if your site is gaining in authority/trust ?

Easy… search for your website “name” – for example “shaun baird” (for my site and it shows up in position 3…  this sites been around a fair few years..)

So if your site is only a few months old chances are you may not see your site on page 1… comment below if otherwise, and how soon your domain showed on page 1..

The key takeaway from this is you need to become “real”.. and step up to the mark…

Treat this as a business and just focus on producing the best content.

TIP: Brian Dean at Backlinko knows a thing or two about this. 


Once you gain real credible solid long term trust gained over many months you can pretty much fend off all manner of things from Google slaps through to competitors sending out bad backlinks to try and devalue your site.

With proper trust Google knows that you wouldnt dream of created 100,000 spammy links to your site and will simply ignore them…

So here is to creating the stuff that matters.