Eco-friendly Business Ideas for Young Couples

Nowadays, there are many business ideas, and each deserves attention. Some of them, the sale of clothes, eco-construction, production of healthy meals, are clear to everyone and there are those that are still frowned upon. And eco-franchising applies to the latter category. We will try to dispel your doubts about it and tell you how eco-business can be interesting and beneficial for you providing various eco-ideas to start up with your partner.

  • What does “eco-friendly” mean in business

The prefix “eco” means not only the use of organic materials, but also, as little as possible waste, and, therefore, economical production. Surely, “green” business or an eco-company, is associated with, first of all, a store of organic food products – milk, cheeses, meat, vegetables. But “eco” is a much broader concept. It includes the production of wax napkins, recycled paper, the production of plumbing and tiles from organic materials, furniture from natural wood, without the use of chemical coatings, etc.

Green technologies can be implemented not only in production but also in servicing a business point. For example, one of the largest fast-food operators in the world, Yum! Brands, uniting brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and others, is a member of many green programs. It welcomes the rational consumption of water, the use of modern energy-saving technologies, packaging from natural components and, of course, the use of organic products. Such companies are for sure eco-friendly. From fashion to online single girl dating: eco-brands are widespread in a variety of industries as well. The production of clothing from natural fabrics and reduced energy consumption are something that is preferred in our time.

  • Why is eco-business profitable?

-Great demand among consumers and fast enough payback.

-Fairly weak competition and the ability to win the majority of the consumer audience.

-“Green” technologies save you significant sums of money, although we will not argue, there are some nuances here too, but having established the process once, you make it work for you afterward.

-A relatively simple way to set up business processes, search for suppliers.

-Huge opportunities for the manifestation of business creativity.

-Different formats of work are possible: from a small organic store in the city to an international company for the production and/or supply of organic products.

  • Eco-friendly Business Ideas for Young Couples

If you have finances, but you still have not decided which business to invest them in, we offer you ideas for green business. Sales and recycling, bicycles and electric cars, refilling printer cartridges and even removing gold from old computer equipment. Everything for your well-being!

1. Sale of LED bulbs

The popularity of LED lamps is growing, since they are not much more expensive than conventional energy-saving incandescent lamps, and the savings from their work are many times greater.

2. Repair and sale of used phones, computers and laptops

It’s no secret that used equipment is cheaper than new. The production process of brand new smartphones consumes a lot more energy compared to the energy spent on fixing them.

3. Sale and repair of bicycles

A bicycle is an environmentally friendly vehicle. Owning a business for the sales and repair of bicycles, you can not only make money but also become a part of eco-revolution.

4. Sale of recycled glass products

Glass is one of the products that is recommended not to be thrown away but recycled. It is cost-effective.

5. Production of recycled paper bags

In most European countries, retailers are advised to use recycled paper bags because they are environmentally friendly and easily degradable. In Kenya, for instance, the government has recently completely banned the use of plastic bags for fear of a 4-year prison sentence.

6. Production and sale of biofuels

Biofuels are a relatively safe source of energy that is becoming increasingly popular. Do market research before you start working in this business.

7. Second-hand shop

The essence of eco-sales is to help reduce energy costs in the making of new products. And the second-hand fits perfectly into the conсept of sustainable fashion.

8. Second-hand bookstore

In the production of books, a lot of energy is spent and, of course, tons of wood. Therefore, buying and reselling used books is environmentally friendly.

9. Selling e-books

Buying an e-book instead of dozens of paper is cheaper and more conscious in terms of consumption. So you can save trees from being cut down and people from additional expenses.

10. Selling eco-friendly children’s toys

Such toys are easily degradable and safe for children. If you search the Internet for those who manufacture green toys, you will be pleasantly surprised by their number.

11. Production of herbal medicines

Herbal medicines are significantly different from synthetic ones. Usually, the advantage of herbal medicines is being hypoallergenic.

12. Sale and installation of solar panels

Demand for solar panels is increasing, so such a business is a good way to generate revenue.

13. Production of furniture from recycled materials

Furniture made from recycled materials saves the planet from cutting down trees and producing other materials. Even more profitable is the reconstruction of old furniture.

14. Sale of portable solar-powered chargers

Such power banks do not require recharging on a sunny day. Therefore, you can use them even where access to electricity is problematic.

15. Environmentally friendly building materials

Green building is a type of construction in which the impact on nature is minimal, and the materials used have increased energy efficiency indicators. If you organize the supply of such materials, your services will be definitely popular among people who are environmentally aware.

16. Organic food store

There are many organic products that can be sold at retail. Organic hair and skincare products, pet products. This is only a small part of the products, from the sale of which you can get a good profit.

17. Gold from old technology

You can earn by selling gold from old computer parts. The good thing is that there are dozens of people willing to get rid of their unnecessary electronics!

  • Some bigger projects in the industrial and processing sphere

18. Recycling Plant

If you want to establish an eco-business in the service sector, then one of the options is to open a recycling plant. Buying up trash – selling finished raw materials for other industries. Pure money!

19. Aluminum processing

Aluminum can be recycled many times. And this process requires approximately 5% of the energy used in the production of aluminum from ore. Recycled aluminum packaging is used in many household sectors.

20. Recycling of plastic bottles

A lot of things are made from used plastic bottles: from buttons to bags. To get started, find out which product is most in-demand in your area, and also talk with local manufacturers of bottled water and soft drinks. For them, buying recycled plastic bottles is more profitable than producing new ones.

22. Recycling of paper and paperboard

In the manufacture of paper products, a huge amount of water and cellulose is used, therefore, paper processing means protecting nature. Craft paper is used for gift packaging, product bags and wrapping practically anything. It is trendy and eco-friendly.

23. Recycling of medical waste

Every day, tons of expired drugs, gloves, and other medical and pharmaceutical waste are dumped at landfills. By recycling such trash, you would save the environment from hazardous waste.

  • Other types of eco-business

24. Development of a mobile application on environmental topics

With the help of eco-application, you can disseminate information about environmental protection, nature and much more. It will allow people to study and understand environmental issues, as well as start helping the planet.

25. Cartridge refilling

Refilling cartridges saves the earth from countless ink containers and the wallet from expands that could have been avoided.

26. Founding of a non-profit organization

A nonprofit organization can launch campaigns for joining the green, recycling materials, encouraging resource savings, etc. If you successfully manage the organization, you can receive support and funding from international donor agencies and companies operating in this industry.

27. Landscape architecture

Landscape architecture is the art, planning, design, management, conservation and restoration of the soil. But keep in mind: an entrepreneur who wants to engage in landscape architecture and make a profit from it must be a creative and hardworking person.

28. Lawn mowing

A case that is easy to handle. The main equipment needed for this type of business is a lawnmower, rake, and wheelbarrow. Remember that lawn care is a season-dependent business. Typically, lawn mowing is in high demand between April and October.