December Earnings Update – Starting To Work

I have left it a while before making this post.  After all if I can get my rear into gear when will I ever make the dream come true.

So, Ive focused entirely on the one main authority site I’m working on.

Things are beginning to happen.. traffic is beginning to trickle in.. and YES! I sold something!  lol  Earned a huge £5 on that (about $7 USD) but that was from one item so I know that as the site gets more traffic these numbers will go up.

I could end this post there but thought Id share an update on traffic, so here is a pic of the traffic stats.. it’s nice to see 🙂An improving picture

An improving picture

Moving forward

I’m up to 5 lengthy articles now some are about 3000 words and the rest are between 5000 and 8000 words.

Ive been attracting a few links to the site and it’s helped by way of the 1 sale I made a few weeks back, plus I’ve now popped onto page 1 in Google for my main phrase for one of my pages.  So the key is to just keep plugging away…

My aim is to keep producing one well researched article (an epic piece by the way) about every 2 to 4 weeks… as well as trying to attract links.

Ill post another update as soon as progress improves enough to warrant a new post..