Adsense and amazon earnings update October 2016 and progress

Hiya, so as things stand, earnings are still.. “dire”…   anyone might think Id quit, but the truth is I am my own problem.  My constant being distracted has been a true downfall and I’m sure by now if I had focused heavily week after week month after month year after year id be earning high 5 and 6 figures.

No sh*t Sherlock…

We are our own worst enemies.. well I am..

My pc is in the main family room.. tv on in back, kids, partner , phone calls and offline business all interrupting my internet marketing time..  Its not like you can just jump back in a second after a distraction as it takes a few moments to readjust your thoughts.

So despite all, this – I now have 3 epic long 8000 word posts on my site.  Each one takes me about 2 to 3 weeks to create.

I should by now be on my 4th, but again, Ive been tinkering with “another” website Idea Ive got as well as trying to fix a few tech issues.

Doesnt help that Ive been in pain for 6 days with a pulled muscle in my back/neck area.. waking at 2am is not funny after a few days..

Popping on headphones does help.

Right now my partner and daughter are upstairs.. Ive managed to grab these few moments to write this, with the truth being to create regular content for this site to start bringing traffic back again.. like in my previous heyday..

I am torn between the idea of trying to find genuine links, or just leaving it to good old natural excellent content to naturally attract links.. Im sure just that and time would soon turn to a nice 5 figure a month income stream 4 to 5 years down the line.

No income yet from the new site, barely 30 to 60 hits over 2 months and the posts are hovering around page 2 or 3 in google.  Im sure in 3 to 6 months things will increase without any linkbuilding.. it did for my last website, but I kinda went off the boil as it was not producing an income.

I’m lacking a plan so Im going to figure a schedule out I can work to… 800 words a day should keep my main site on the go…  do I seek out link opportunities or not.. hmm…   I want an evergreen site that will never fall foul of any penalties, being in it for the long term… you know.. my gut says just get writing and work on that content..  Keeping up with the social work too (in other words posting the updates in the facebook group too.)

so lets look at what Ive got and can do:

Time available 3 hours a night.

800 words a day needed for main site – 1.5 hours

2 posts a day to 2nd site (note to me: gnm site) – 30 minutes

2 posts a day to 3rd site(note to me: fab site) – 30 minutes

Other tasks:

Acquiring new FB members/likes

If I stick to that things would happen in the coming few months

If I do that then slow down then things drop off big time – just what happened in a FB group I ran that I got up to 12,000 members (was waking at 4am each day and promoting the group online to average 100 new members a day)…  and when the group was first started it was averaging £7 to £10 a day in earnings via amazon associates…

however when my offline gardening business kicked into season I spent no time on the FB group and nowadays it only limps along.. lucky if I get 30 or 40 views of a post and very lucky if I make a dollar a week!

The site associated with the group has hundreds of posts on and gets 25 to 35 uniques a day from organic traffic, however as it is a “freebie” site it earns precisely nothing too!  It could be developed into a high traffic site to then allow paid advertising on it however with the need to earn money “now” comes first so I need to focus on the fastest earners although it would be nice to keep these sites ticking along in the back so at some point I can devote the required time… I just dont want to back down from the concept as it has become a success in terms of growth and the start of traffic

One glimmer of hope for the site/group – in the group on faceboook I list low priced deals and bargains and thats what was earning me the £7 to £10 a day…  then it limped however I recently posted in the group after a long spell and I’m sure facebook must have been having a funny day because thousands of people saw the post, 5000 clicked through to amazon and I earned £17 from one post.  Since that they must have throttled the traffic again as its gone back to paltry…  goes to show though if I can get larger numbers things would be better.. lets say if I had an email list with say 100,000 subscribers.. lets say 15,000 people clicked or visited each link each day that could equate to £50 a day…  £1500/month.. nice position to attain.

However if youre not consistent with posting it seems youre just not serious enough and your posts dont get shown as often.

Consistency shows a serious business so Im 99% certain this is a metric any blogger gets measured (and rewarded or penalised) by.

So that’s my little brain dump for today.  I do this to attempt to clarify the stuff going round in my head.


Be consistent

Make content the best it can be – must be over the top helpful and long content over 3000 words

Learn from sites like backlinko how to write engaging content

Get rid of distractions however you can.

Write down a plan and break it down into easy to bite chunks

far easier to say “write 300 words tonight.. nothing else….”   rather than “MUST get 8000 words done by saturday!”