A review of the last 12 months earning money with Amazon

Hey guys.

I was just looking through my Amazon affiliate account this morning and it’s a nice feeling to look back and see money being earned month in month out (touch wood.. without fail)…

Pretty much 12 months ago is when the first trickles of money started to come in from my efforts.

The site was started in the latter stages of 2016, and I knew at the time the site would not really earn anything for quite some time.  anyway.. it took a good 5 or so months before the site gained some traffic and then sales from that traffic.  The first earnings transferred to my account at the end of February 2017 was £29.28.

That was 12 months ago.

Since that time the site increased month on month for the next 4 or so months reaching an average monthly earning in the range of £750 to £1000 roughly and it has been that way ever since.

How to increase Amazon affiliate earnings

I mean it’s nice and all that to have money coming in, and I’m not about to knock it or complain about it.. but well my site earnings hasn’t really gone up since then  it’s kind of just plateaued around the same amount.

Nice but could be a lot better.

The issue here is “me”.. (once again!!)…  12 MONTHS AGO I KNUCKLED DOWN AND ROLLED UP MY SLEEVES.

I wrote and wrote and wrote almost 20 articles..

Then I got “lazy”, sat back and watched the money come in..

BUT. I wasn’t actually being lazy..

I was doing a number of other things.

I have been making all of my pages follow a similar layout (still working on it actually)… a layout that I feel converts quite well…  so before adding a lot of content I want to get the “best converting layout” sorted in my head and then move forward with content..

That’s been the plan.

At the same time I’ve had to use all my Amazon earnings to pay for a holiday and will be doing up to April  so I can’t reinvest into the site.. bit annoying but 2 of my kids have never been on a plane (long story)..  so it’s a special holiday..

Plans for 2018 to 2019 to earn money with Amazon

I quickly deduced that if 20 articles earns say £800 a month, 200 articles has the potential for a much higher income.  Theoretically you might assume that 10 times the articles = 10 times the traffic and 10 times the money ie £8000 a month but even if I can get to a third or half of that I will be happy.

So my plans are time get more content written.. “up to” 200 articles written this year.

I’m going to be outsourcing a lot of it.

I’d love to have 200 articles all beautifully crafted like my own articles.  Well researched and length 5000+ word articles but with the content costs being around £150 each that’s a lot of change to find!  £30,000 to be precise.

I’ve not yet decided whether to stick to “what’s working” and keep the quality at it’s best, or to adopt another approach I’ve read up on that a fellow well known marketer uses.

This approach is to have articles written around 1000 words each.  (costs can be done for around £30 each).  Then in the coming months look at the articles that are becoming popular and build them right out to mega articles.

The cost for this effort would be around £6000.

The other marketer did just this and the income to his site ballooned impressively to a very good 4 figures a month over £4000.  I’d be very happy with it.

My deliberations on this method:

Would doing this weaken my sites quality content score (if there is such a thing).. as now each article is smaller.. could this knock on to produce lower rankings or less trust factor from Google… ???

all these questions!

OR… on the flip side.. adding regular content in my mind would please Google.. so that could be favourable  (and past experience does seem to corroborate this)…   8 years ago I had 50 sites… did “ok”.. then I started paying writers and had 20 to 30 articles a month written and the income shot up to almost £1000 a month very quickly…  so as long as the quality is good in the articles I have produced, then this method might prove good.

Or do I simply have long 5000 word articles produced but we would then end up with far fewer????  I’d estimate around 40 articles for the same money (£6000 spent over 6 months)…

Well…  not every one of my current articles produces good money.. one doesn’t even rank, so £150 a time for a poor performer isn’t a good use of money.  Only 2 or 3 serve most of the site sales  and the rest are somewhere in between..  so the first method is now becoming a little more favourable…  write a lot.. find the golden nuggets and then expand those out.

The only caveat with this approach.. is that I have read online you should get rid of poor performing posts..   so it would mean that every 3 to 6 months I should look at the posts with no traffic and see if there is any way to increase their rankings by building out the pages with more content…  or delete them if the topic is somehow to competitive.

So that’s my musings up to now…  and I’ve outlined how I intend to work the site this year.

What’s your plans, and do you ave any questions?