WordPress Goldmine Review

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WordPress Goldmine Review


 I have to say that with my hand held on my heart, WordPress Goldmine has been THE catalyst for me making CONSISTENT earnings every single day, 7 days a week, online, passively from the comfort of my own home.


This is my own personal real-life wordpress goldmine review.

Wordpress Goldmine Review
WordPress Goldmine Review

If you’ve taken any semblence of time to look around my site, you should hopefully see that I am a very normal guy who could talk on and on every single day about running your own business, making money for yourself, the freedom that time freedom gives you as well making all of this happen on the internet.  When I think back to pre-October 2009 how my life was, it could not have been any different to how it is right now.  WordPress Goldmine made this happen.

Why WordPress Goldmine?

It could have been anything else if I am honest, although I’ve no idea if I would have stuck at it, and succeeded with anything else.  I really believe this is all down to the community of members at WordPress Goldmine, and this is why I decided to write this WordPress Goldmine review.  I am someone who is an active member with more than 2000 forum posts and someone who is actually making money every single day now.  For the first time in my life, something actually works.

I truly believe that WordPress Goldmine is VITAL.  I know this sounds so much like sales patter, and yes it is, yes Id like you to join through my link… BUT every single year, Google decide to update their algorithm, and every year, thousands of internet marketers lose most of their money.  Inside WordPress Goldmine there are hundreds of active people who visit daily, test and tweak things, and often they find how to get sites ranking again within a few weeks.

Not only that, the community feel at WordPress Goldmine is brilliant.  If you struggle with anything along the way and you most certainly WILL DO, within a few hours or even minutes, someone will have pasted a reply showing you how to get over it.. and this is what made it all work for me I truly believe.

At the time of writing this, I am not the fastest at WordPress Goldmine, but I think this is because I am easily distracted by shiny things and business ideas that come into my head.  I am doing in the region of $20 or more a day.. completely passively, just from Adsense.  It took me 16 months to start earning daily, but once I knew and understood, things started slotting into place.  Visit WordPress Goldmine to find out for yourself.  Overall I now average over $1000 a month (August 2011) but even this will keep going up as long as I don’t give up on internet marketing.  Right now it feels like a career for life.

Nowadays, things happen very quickly, and I expect to see sharper rises in earnings quicker than ever before.  I am currently re-editing all of the content on my 40+ websites so that they follow the current thinking behind what we need to do, SEO-wise, in order to make our sites rank.  If I hand’t joined WordPress Goldmine I’d still be sat in the shower feeling sorry for myself before a night shift at my former employer…

In the past I’ve dabbled with get rich quick schemes, built membership sites and lost money.  I got out of that industry over a year ago and joined wordpress goldmine 5 months ago.  I absolutely love it with all my heart.

So, you want to see proof right?

Well the easiest thing you can do is take up the wordpress goldmine one dollar trial for yourself and see what it means to you.

For me, it has meant that I now make money every single day.  I have opened up an adsense account and find that for each page I build, my content now ranks on page 1 of Google within a few days to 2 weeks.  WordPress Goldmine enabled me to achieve this.

The thing I love most about WordPress Goldmine is the forum.  I really have NOT seen a forum anywhere near as active as the one at WordPress Goldmine.  Truly whenever you get a problem you want to understand you just post in the forum and within minutes usually your answer is there.  For the cost of a $1 trial it’s got to be worth seeing what this can mean to your 2011 and 2012 plans.

Taking other people who are succeeding in wpgm, I can count several people now (take George for instance) who are actively hitting 4 figure earnings each month (all thanks to their WordPress Goldmine membership!) and then posting earnings updates every month as well.  So if you want to be pretty much “coached” all the way then I emplore you to commit for 6 months, at the least try it for one month and see for yourself, even if you don’t go through my WordPress Goldmine link, it’s worth doing for you anyway.

There is also another member, a lady called Heather who came to wordpress goldmine with an open mind.  She has just recently posted she had her first $100 day!  I can also count many more who are all achieving success.  And if Google change their algorithm again, we all go through it together and share ideas.  It’s quite a surreal experience, I guess a little bit like a family!  Why not see if WordPress Goldmine is the right fit for you.

WordPress Goldmine ismore than 2 years old now, and is owned by Mark Thompson,  a seasoned veteran who has now been working from home for 5+ years making blogs and living the internet lifestyle.

Now if you realise a good thing come along and join me and say hello to me and I will be only too pleased to help you out in any way I can.

The best thing is that the information in wordpress goldmine constantly evolves to give the most up to date techniques for this step by system.

I sincerely hope to see you in there, I hope you are enjoying my WordPress Goldmine review.  Why not come and join me.

Wordpress Goldmine



So, what’s it like when you get inside the WPGM forum?


wordpress goldmine signup 1First of all you will have to register for your WordPress Goldmine trial.

Once inside you’ll see the forum, and this is essentially where everyone shares their daily life.  It really is like going round to a friends’ house, or to your local Bar, and talking among friends about what you love the most – making money online.  This is quite a refuge for people who find it hard to talk with their partners, when all they want to talk about is something else in life, such as a TV program, or what their friends were wearing.



wordpress goldmine forumSecondly, you’ll see the forum.

Take the time to look around as you’ll find advice, video step by steps by Mark, and the top is the link to the downloads where you can download useful files, plus Marks ebook.  You may or not get the “a-haa” moment right away, but you should very quickly realise that actually in here are a group of really nice people who don’t flame one another, call others, belittle one another are anything else like you’d see on other forums.  The community feel at WordPress Goldmine is there to be experienced.

Once inside you can go ahead and introduce yourself to the rest of the WordPress Goldmine community by posting in the introductions section, or you are free to read up on the thousands of threads and posts.


I can guarantee that within WordPress Goldmine you will most certainly have access to the most up to date methods for producing SEO based content that gets ranked on the first page of Google.  Take the WordPress Goldmine trial right now.


Here is a snapshot of the forum home page:

wordpress goldmine forum 2

Hopefully from the above image you can see the sort of stuff we all talk about – maybe these are your type of people.  I can say that when I joined WordPress Goldmine, I wasn’t aware of it’s true value.  I joined because I’d known mark for 5 years when he wrote some content for me for an online magazine I was writing back then (which flopped).  After a few failed businesses I was feeling REALLY REALLY LOW.  I got an email from Mark out of the Blue (coincidence?) and found out he’d kept at SEO and now earned a very healthy 5 figure a month income.  I decided that at this point I would commit to WordPress Goldmine for 6 months no matter what.

I closed down all of my dozen or so websites, said adios to the members and focused entirely on this.  Well that was my aim anyway.  As I’m easily distracted (it even says this in my school report from 20 years ago!!) it took me 14 months before things clicked.  Others came in after me and it clicked for them within weeks, but through the determination to succeed, and through CONSTANTLY reading how others were doing inside WordPress Goldmine, I knew I had found my calling in life – to be an internet marketer – that actually feels really good to say that now, and I am darned proud of the fact.

wordpress goldmine family mapLooking at the picture of the WordPress Goldmine forum (above) you can see that one of the first things is the wpgm family map.  This tells you right away what sort of feel this forum has got.  We have a group on google maps and you can plot your location in the world, leaving a pin.  Go ahead and add yours once you get inside.

We have also successfully held two wpgm meetings.  One in Vegas and one in the Uk which I actually organized, planned and got sorted.  It’s soemthign we will do hopefully every year.  We went to a hotel and spent 2 days together, learning all about SEO, taught by Mark in the day, and by mingling outside the meeting… superb stuff.  Just one of the many many benefits of WordPress Goldmine membership.

wordpress goldmine family servicesWe also have a section within the WordPress Goldmine forum where folks can submit their services, offers and look for help.  This is yet another major benefit, and the reason why I wrote this WordPress Goldmine review.  If you are good at writing, or banner making then you can also make some money to help pay for your education.

WordPress Goldmine really is the only membership you need if you want to learn how to make money online, build a growing business and make lots of really genuinely nice people who all have the same common aims in life.  It’s nice to be part of a community where there are no “idiots” or “trolls” lurking who want to cause grief and mayhem.

Every month someone normally posts in the “success” forum about how their earnings have progressed, and it really does a good job of lifting spirits.  This could be you in a short space of time, so come on in and join me at WordPress Goldmine today.  It’s going to cost you just under $20 a month, or around $230 a year.  Now before you shudder… I urge you to think about this.

If you’ve not yet made money online, or make money but then keep losing it then this is for you.  If you are brand new to internet marketing then WordPress Goldmine is perfect for people with no experience – me included!

If you think you know a lot already and are hitting a plateau in your endeavors then come on in and lets work out your issues together – as a family.  Feels weird calling everyone a family, but it often feels that way.  Meeting 20 or so fellow WordPress Goldmine members in the Uk last year was brilliant fun.  We learnt all of mark’s latest stuff, and had a fantastic time with food and alcohol (some of us had a little TOO MUCH (George..!).

These kind of people really do feel like my kind of people.  What I want to say to you is this.  It’s NEVER going to be easy… if it was, then everyone in the world would be rich, and there would be no people to do the graft, to plough the fields and farm the crops.  The challenges we come across can ALL be fixed when you are a member of WordPress Goldmine.

Join me today at WordPress Goldmine here.

Commit for 2-6 months and see for yourself.

I promise you will not regret it.




Shaun (WordPress Goldmine Fanatic!)

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8 thoughts on “WordPress Goldmine Review”

  1. I just wanted to provide a quick mini-update. My wordpress goldmine review continues to be highly recommended by me. I am still a fully paid up monthly subscriber and simply cannot ever see myself leaving.

    I can’t ever remember another service I have ever used where I have continued to maintain regular monthly payments on an ongoing basis like I have at WordPress Goldmine. If youve not checked out the rest of the blog (specifically my progress updates) you will be pelased to know that I am now branching out into making money with Clickbank, Amazon as well as Adsense, so I am happy with how things are progressing.

    Honestly, this works, and the hardest part is tuning your mind into making it work for you. Take care.

  2. I wanted to provide an additional update to say that WordPress Goldmine is changing my life. I’ve now finished my job so that I can concentrate on building and promoting these websites. Who would ahve thought that last october I knew NOTHING about this.
    One poxy dollar to try it UNBELIEVABLE! Change your life today, work with me. Join wordpress goldmine and see the sunshine!

  3. Another update. This just gets better and better day in day out. I love wordpress goldmine. Ive combined my knowledge with some plugins mentioned in the members area and on this blog and I am now rankign on page 1 for more and more search terms almost daily. Just JOIN! If you are reading this and not taking action then why not?follow my link at tht top of this page or on the far top right to wordpress goldmine. All the very very best. Shaun

  4. I thought I’d post an update. Ive been with WPGM now for 14 months and things have continued to evolve rather nicely. I now average around $450 to $600 all in, but have some fees for software I use, so its still a nice healthy $250 to $350 or so I earn total profit a month after all fees.

    This only kicked in properly in the past few months after I sought help from a few members and even went to one guys house (George from the above house – he now earns over $3000 a month just in adsense – and I know as I got to see proof…) for a days training and it has been the breakthrough I have been wanting.

    Now I am kicking back and making things happen, so feel free to drop a comment here or anywhere on the forum or come and see me at wpgm.

    Take care


  5. Since the last “comment” left by me, the marketplace has changed, the Google pandsa came in and many of us lost some earnings. Thankfully Ive clawed back and now do over $1000 again. It might have taken almost 2 years, but I see those years as my studying years, and now the good thing is that in the vast majority of cases each new post or site I make can get to page 1 – scary isnt it!!

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