WordPress Goldmine Progress Update – Saturday 17th April 2010

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Well.. my online world has been completely overshadowed by the intensity Im now experiencing offline in relation to a deceased relatives estate we are managing.

In the brief moments Ive actually been able to stop and think about all of this Ive achieved the following.

I finished another sales letter and have another in the pipeline so this is all good stuff, and feedback has been nothing short of “WOW”.

That makes me smile in such a huge way.

Even though my heart is here to access passive income, long term its nice to know I can write for other people until the passive income increases.

There has been very litle all week in terms of revenue.

Adsense for 7 days £0.74 pence (still even if its 10p a day thats 10p a day!  passive income if ever Ive heard it, lol.

Amazon £0.00

Clckbank £0.00

Revenue from an affiliate sale at wordpress goldmine $0.50 (but may rise to $9.99 if they go on to take the full monthly subscription.

I’ve also been able to solidify my thoughts quite strongly about the progress I will personally be taking.

Ive noted that one of my domains has been in position 2 for 4-6 months.

The GREAT news is that for 4 months I havent added any content whatsoever to it…

So domain age definitely DOES come into things and does help sites rank higher and higher.

So for the turtle and the hare(remember that story?) the turtle definitely wins the race this time round.

That one site, is also the ONLY site that has consistently stayed at positions 1 or 2 in “G”, all because it was my first site and it was the site I spent 2 months building backlinks to and creating a lot of content to.

So thats really the key!

Domain age helps.. a LOT

Add 5-20 pieces of content, and make as many backlinks as possible to each piece of content.. using high pr sites to link to your sites main page and inner posts.

I can also confirm this “concept” because a few years ago I sold a tyre sealant and became responsible for my region.

I developed a very basic website using a cheap piece of website software called “serif webplus”.

The site went on to have something in the region of 80 or so pages.

(I had to write about the history of the company and what it did etc – much of it was copied and pasted from the main company website too!)

It stayed at position 1 in google for almost a year before I left the company due to falling out with head office over an agreement with setting up sales reps for myself.. long story….

Ironically and I didnt realise at the time, I put some affiliate product codes on the site for an automobile service/product(car breakdown cover) and this netted me over £100 every single month…  kind of sounds identical to what I do NOW – affiliate marketing!

If only I knew then what I know now…

Anyway… the future is bright…

All around me at wordpress goldmine I am reading of people increasing their money.  Heather is now reporting a HUGE jump in earnings from $8 a day to $16 a day with some $20 days coming in (from Adsense alone)

You can read my review about it if you want to (wordpress goldmine review) – its only $1 – seriously you’d have be stupid to be passing up each day for this.

As Nike says….”Just Do It”

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2 thoughts on “WordPress Goldmine Progress Update – Saturday 17th April 2010”

  1. You have made 74p in the last 7 days. I’m lime green jello. Wow what will u spend all that cash on ?

    How can you promote something where you are obviously a novice. If you can build 3 sites a day how come after 6 months you have 5 !.

    Jeez Man

  2. Hi Steve.
    In response to your comment, you may or not have been aware (as it wasn’t evident in the other posts) that we had a very close family member pass away around the time I joined WordPress Goldmine.

    Since January this year we have had to personally deal with his estate, financial affairs and his home, emptying it out and organizing things.

    This is why my site building has been on hold, which has been mentioned a few times.

    Novice? Me? YES! and HAPPY to say this.. I’m not proclaiming anything else.. this is just my journey that I am recording for my own future prosperity.

    However I also want to add that as a novice I have managed to achieve putting every single one of my sites on page 1, plus for one mis-spelled keyword I did actually grab 8 of the 10 slots on page 1.

    Now surely I’m doing something right? Isn’t it just a case of the fact that I haven’t yet had the time to engage in this activity?

    I’m also quite happy to say that I am more than happy to have spent all this time learning and learning. Better to take it all in and learn as much as I can before I over-spend on hundreds of domains when smaller numbers and more promotion will work.

    I wish you every success, and don’t take your comment as offensive but I wish you’d had read into it a little more before.

    The truth is I just havne’t had the TIME to get into doing this, but the time I have put into it has proven to me this whole system WORKS.

    On a side note, I will shortly be putting 3 days a week full time into doing this as I go part time at work, so I expect the next few months to show a rather better picture.

    Yes, for 6 months it is a poor return in terms of time put in against amount of money returned but you haven’t understood all the facts.

    As this novice, and the fact that I am promoting wordpress goldmine, and like many others the phrase “wordpress goldmine review” you’ll notice both my domain, an article on an article site and also a youtube video all sit happily on page 1.

    So I ask you again, am I a novice? Or am I someone who hasn’t had the time?

    I dont think Ive done too bad for a novice. I don’t even care if I am a novice – I am a happy novice and I am happily making money as a novice, and this will increase when I can start to put the time into it that it deserves.


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