WordPress Goldmine Progress Update – Monday 17th May 2010

By | May 17, 2010

Well, as you will know I am now in my first full month of doing this stuff full time.

It’s also like I’m starting from scratch too, but hey ho.

It normally takes a while for things to start happening, and that is the case.

I have been working on adding backlinks to 2 or 3 phrases picked up in the rank tracker plugin for wordpress, good if you want to know how to get site indexed by google I am using, and all I can say is wow.  Each phrase has now blasted on to page 1 of google and my main one I wanted to rank for has hit position 1(again!  lol)  – its embarrasing but seeming to beocme a normal occurence – especially the bit about hitting page 1..  sigh this I.M. suff sure is “hard” 😀

Joking aside, Ive noticed  a minor increase in Adsense but nothing to write home about so Ill wait a few weeks to see if a definite upwards swing is observed.

The adding of backlinsk is showing in higher number of daily site views though, so all is good.

Im going to start working on a new niche today though, a well-researched one, and try some videos to promote it, so cant wait on that front.

The trend is definitely “upwards”.

Keep smiling.

Oh, and of course I couldnt have done ANY of this before wordpress goldmine.


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