WordPress Goldmine Earnings progress report – halfway through the month of January 2011

By | January 16, 2011

Just felt the need to drop something down in here today. I have made myself very busy, very busy indeed. I have set some high targets I want to hit by the middle of July, so I have been extremely busy pushing really hard with promotional activities on all of my 50+ sites (eek!).

I think I’ve got too many, but have neglected several for some time, and I am pushing to see which are worthy of keeping before their domains come up for renewal. It’s time to shape up I guess!

Anyway this boost of activity is all good. I had expected a dip in earnings for 4-6 weeks while the backlinks hit and settle down, but I am surprised and have seen a couple of orders on Clickbank, so I am actually at my highest level ever in Clickbank, which is cool. I’m not going to complain, lol!

I tell you what though, It’s really sinking home about the amount of work needed, and more importantly, picking the right keywords in the first place. A good 60% of my domains were a bit wishy-washy, but surprisingly several of them are looking good.

I started all this IM stuff October 2009, and was lucky to be making 30 cents every few days. It continued like this for months. Funny how things are for once going upwards, even though slowly. I am now working harder than ever and more consistent than ever too.

Oh well, onwards and upwards – essentially Adsense is going at least as good as last month, if not a little better. Amazon is average and clickbank is a good month – my best yet.

Keep pushing folks..


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