When You Really See The Big Picture In Internet Marketing

When You Really See The Big Picture In Internet Marketing

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I began doing Internet marketing in October 2009.  Prior to that I was this “big flash kid” who thought he knew about making money online.  I’d made a few thousand here and there, but it was all quick and random, nothing consistent.

These days, I “get it”.  The only reason I get it is because I stayed with it.  In the past if I hit a barrier I weould quit and do soemthing else or limp along and try to ignore it.  No these days.  I am in internet marketing for good.  Who knows what will happen down the line, or how things will pan out in 5, 10 years, but for now I am making it happen and intend to finance my life, paying my bills and saving money for the future.

It’s not been easy but thankfully I DO see the future, or at least a path it it.  I can honestly say it’s never looked as clear as it does now.

The motto here is “stick with it, no matter what”.  Do what is right, and what is legitimate.  Forget the get rich quick stuff.


My big picture.

For now my major first gola is £100 per day, passively coming in from my network of websites.  I’m not there yet but it’s going that way.  With that I get to do a lot of things.

When I am there, I intend to:

  • Work 3-4 hours a day at best, more if I choose.
  • Go to the Gym 3-4 times a week, staying at home takes its toll when you are inactive.
  • Turn off the computer when the kids are at home, instead of “being distracted” and not giving them enough time and atttention – aka being a proper “dad”.
  • Redecorate the whole house, with an entire makeover, bringing it right up to modern standards.  It’s nice now, but it’s nicer to keep on top of things.
  • Save a little each day, it soon adds up to deal with the low days.

And that is it really, for now.  £100 a day replaces wages and enables life to begin.

At that stage I will continue to grow the traffic through content and links.

I’ve also been helping out a former boss for a few months who needs help to get caught up (why did I volunteer??).


Anyway.  If you didn’t know – find a phrase with people searching for it each month, check out the competition on page 1, write content using that phrase and wait for it to get indexed.

People always said “it’s not hard”, but it took me time for it to “sink in”.  I don’t care.  I remember when I first staretd this blog someone commented at my measly 30 cents earnings, they scoffed and thought it was pathetic.  Oh well.

If you want your life to improve, you’ve got to stop the impatience and the changing round.  Stick to one thing (preferably internet marketing) and give it 2 years commitment.  My WordPress Goldmine review explains what I do, and is the Only thing I have done since October 2009.


Better go, I’ve got content to write.



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6 thoughts on “When You Really See The Big Picture In Internet Marketing”

  1. Shaun,

    You’re doing a great job! You inspire me to keep at it. I’m only at about $300/month , but that’s better than the $150/month I was at last year.

    It’s a slow process, but it works. Let’s make some money together!

  2. Hey Mike, stick with it mate!! It took me 14 months before anything even started to happen. My starting point happened after I decided to get some one-on-one time – heather(usa) from wpgm is great as is george (uk) – I had time with both via skype for heather and at georges house. I also spent a bit of time on skype with paul forcey – three great people. I can also heartily recommend paul567’s video course.

    if theres anything I can do plese ask, and never give up… you are really “close”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Shaun,

    I know that you like Paul’s video course, but do you think it is useful for someone who is familiar with the WPGoldmine forum, like myself? I just don’t want to waste more money on special offers like I used to in the past in the Warrior forum…which is the worst forum ever!

  4. Hi Mike, yes I do, and Im not just saying it – Paul is one of the good guys, and he makes it easy to follow. If it was my own course Id be happy to give it to you. It cements all the wpgm stuff, and the extra videos at the end are really good.

  5. Hey Shaun,

    Can ya gimme a link to paul567’s video course??

    I don’t mind even if its your affiliate link because it sure sounds like a course that will point me in the right direction.

    You can either have it posted here as i’ll have this particular page bookmarked and check back later or you can email the link to me.

    Thanks for your inspiring posts mate. It’s always great to see someone with goals similar to myself and work our asses off to achieve it.

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