What I’m going to be doing in 2016

By | January 12, 2016

I’ve done allsorts all my life flitting from thing to thing.  The one thing I felt so alive with was internet marketing.  It was my thing, my crowd, my kind of people.  Then some Google updates happened and that crowd grew apart as their sites got affected.  I drifted off into a job, a spare time gardening round too which became my full time income after 4 years (very successful by my standards) – apart form when it rains.. and snows.. it’s hard then….  regular income is needed… don’t want a job.. eurgh!!!!  Spent 42 years working for others now it’s time to man up and make this shit happen.

So sod the system, Im doing what I want to do.  Im going to make it happen.. passive-ish income.. internet..  the two combined…  and funnily enough helping people too..  so  somehow.. I’m going to help YOU make money online.

Time to make this crap work.

sound good?


Right now Ive NO idea how.. apart from a bit of an idea…  I’m thinking of following in the footsteps of an old friend who now makes $50,000 a month and doing what he does.. I felt that it would be stepping on his toes, but actually he is offering a course which Ive bought for others to copy him..  so there ya go.

Heck, I aint got no idea how or if.. but I AM going to give it my all.


So today a big fat zero in earnings…!     I need to think coz I do have a group on Facebook that makes  a bit of money for me.  I’ll ahve to think what and how.. so speak soon


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