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Video Creation Mastery
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A Review Of Video Creation Mastery

This is my review of the video creation mastery course.

Do you know how important video is these days for anyone with a website?

It has become the cornerstone of any growing and successful marketing campaign for a multitude of reasons.

Video Creation Mastery was developed over many long 16+ hour days for months, and continues to be ever-developing as the number one source on the internet for anything to do with video, BAR NONE.

Video creation mastery is a website that provides you with hours and hours of CURRENT and UP TO DATE cutting edge video techniques.

if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, you can use video to promote your website or service and make more money.

Why Choose Video Creation Mastery?

Well, video and the audio that comes in a video, actually stimulates people on more than one sensory level – audio, optical as well as through reading of sales copy.

Video Creation Mastery will show you this.

NO matter what your level of knowledge, Video Creation Mastery aims to be the resource that shows you how to go from a fumbling beginner to someone who makes money consistently, getting a better and clearer message out across to the people visiting the site.

Youtube is number one for video content – and ad spend budgets are up, seemingly by as much as 30% year on year, so this proves that video IS the way to go – and if you don’t get involved you will be missing out on a key trend for growth in the coming years.

Video Creation Mastery is designed to be a one-stop shop that provides:

  • Video Training:  Literally hours and hours of unrivalled STEP BY STEP VIDEO TRAINING sessions that are added on a weekly basis.
  • Audio Interviews:  Interviews are included conducted with online marketers who are already using video to grow their business.  You won’t be left out!
  • Additional Training Materials:  Ongoing REGULAR content from reports and bonuses are added to the private members area.
  • Unrivaled Support:  You simply can not beat support services that actually do what they offer – i.e. SUPPORT YOU – yep.. y.o.u.
  • Video news & Articles:  Keep right up to date with every piece of news to hit the market in relation to video making, video for profits, techniques etc.  Regular product reviews and evaluation are conducted.
  • Member Tips:  if you want to squeeze every last cent out of your videos then these golden tips are going to blow you away, and ensure you out-profit your rivals week after week.
  • Advanced in-depth videos on just about every topic you can imagine – all the stuff that normally holds you back is revealed.

With Video Creation Mastery there are no recurring monthly fees, although their really SHOULD BE, just a simple one off payment that gets you lifetime access.

Finally, with a no quibble full 60 day money back guarantee handled by clickbank you have nothing to fear, no worries to even think of – just get it, try it, and if within 60 days youve not increased your profits – then use the refund guarantee.

To me, this really is a great offer.  Mark Thompson (from WordPress Goldmine) is behind it – he has already proven himself as a downright decent guy who tells it like it is, walks the walk and makes a very substantial monthly income from niche sites, membership sites and personal training.

Find out more and join Video Creation Mastery now – there is absolutely NO RISK involved whatsoever – just an open door offering to help you and hold your hand to success with videos.

Come in – see you inside!  Head on over and see what sort of videos are included.


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4 thoughts on “Video Creation Mastery Review”

  1. I’ll vouch for this one. I purchased this program and it is sooooooooooooo good that it is ridiculous. I’m not quite sure what the offer is for non-members, but I was offered the member’s price at $25.00 and it is a steal! This really is a must-have for anyone who is going to explore video posting to websites.

    Some of the resources Mark mentions in these videos are amazing because they are under the radar.

    Some Highlights:
    His alternative to animoto. Animoto costs $39/month. Mark’s alternative is 3.99/month. Does the same thing.

    If you are thinking about purchasing a “buy now” button script for your videos like the “gurus” have, they are recommend a product that costs roughly $200.00. Mark offers a solution for only $20/month until you have the money to spend for the script.

    If you need a fix for the poor sound quality on your Flip Camera for video recording, he gives you a solution that only costs about $40.00

    He also shows you how to create a green screen room for $15.00. The only thing with green screen is that the software he recommends to implement it is roughly $100.00.

    Those are just some key points. There is a lot of information; there are 17 videos altogether and a couple of strategic interviews.

    What I appreciate about Mark’s insights is that they truly are effective and cost-effective. Maybe I’m a bit of a cynic, but sometimes I am genuinely convinced that the “gurus” are promoting one thing, but using something else. Mark just seems like he’s very genuine and actually uses what he demonstrates.

    I can personally attest to the fact that while I have been on a software and “hardware” hunt to get into internet marketing, I was going to purchase some things on this journey that would have cost me a small fortune.

    This video creation mastery program has literally saved me around $400.00 because of his suggestions. There are no affiliate links in this post, so my sole source of inspiration to write this is my satisfaction and my confidence that whoever purchases this program will feel like they got more value than their money’s worth.

    Shaun, I know you are the one who is supposed to be reviewing this, but, I had to throw in my two cents! LOL!

  2. Hey its quite alright!! Mark is one of the genuine “nice guys” – he tells you like it is, and always has -he isnt into hype either which I like.

    Im certainly not the expert but Ive definitely come a long way since last October, and its all down to wordpress goldmine link in sidebar, lol 🙂

    I enjoy promoting pretty much anything he brings out, so that must be testament to him.

    I actually met Mark about 5 years ago when I set up an e-magazine and asked him to write content for me – after the mag ailed we went our own ways – and when I met him again last year he was doing very well whereas I was still at the starting line, so I joined him and decided to quit every thing else.. thank goodness!

    So, yes, ahem, I have no problem in mentioning video creation mastery 😀

  3. That’s awesome! Well, my hat’s off to both of you! Keep up the great work and content because honesty is what truly pays off, not hype.

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