The Secret Enemy Of An Internet Marketer

By | September 10, 2010

Discover the killer that no internet marketer wants to talk about.

This one thing is silently and slowly destroying the lives of marketers all over the world – will it be your turn next?

Read on to find out.

Most of us typically want to get into Internet marketing for the long haul – in other words we want to essentially be able to live off the fruits of our hard labor until the day we die, and pass on those fruits to our close family.

I want to alert you to something – a hidden killer that is slowly sniffing round the ankles of every internet marketer on the planet, creeping around in the shadows, waiting to degrade your life a little at a time without being noticed.

I am talking about your health.  Ok, surprise over, it’s time to go and read something else, do something else right now that actually means something to you.  After all if you die young it doesn’t really matter, does it?

I’ve just returned from having blood test done – and my cholesterol and salt levels are high.  I knew I didnt eat or drink quite according to what our dear old Great Britain would like (yep Im a uk pommie!), but I used to be quite fit – I did martial arts for years and years, ran half marathons, used to visit a gym.

Because I spent 2 years as a taxi driver, sat down, 2 years self employed as a writer sat down and now a full time internet marketer/and writer I am sat downmost of the day, and this has been silently creeping up on me.

Last year we buried my wifes father – he died in his fifties, and I remember crying at the funeral telling myself “I dont want my kids to be fatherless”.

Its still hard to keep a promise, even one as determined as it was at the time – strange how we humans act – we cling to our desires, and react to our desires (food, alcohol) and dont react to fears in the long term, well I seem to be this way anyway.

So anyway, Ive been given the fears, I need to convert it to a desire – hmm.. “I desire more food and beer… nahh that wont work…

I desire to stay alive…

Ok, thats it, enough of this random, yet important post, in my opinion – stay alive, stay healthy, and get a zest for life.

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