The Most Profitable Serp Tool In 2010

By | June 23, 2010

Serp Tool

Do you enjoy pushing other links out of page 1 and replacing them with your own?

There is nothing better on the planet that creating a campaign that works like magic, follows your concept and evolves after a short period of time on to page 1.

Work some magic, create some backlinks and watch that baby climb.  That’s called living the dream.

Trouble is, the dream isn’t always quite as easily won as you would hope and often it requires a sustained and intensive regime to continually add quality backlinks, unique content and make your site ooze search-engine friendly rankings.

I want to introduce something that adds a touch of glamour to the magic you are creating.  It is called serp assist and its a serp tool like no other.  While that may be a cheesy sales pitch type claim, it’s absolutely spot on in terms of what I am claiming.

It’s the latest thing in terms of automation.  It’s a visual diagramming tool that allows you to string together links between properties, web 2.0 sites, bookmark sites, generate linkwheels and so so much more.

You are quite literally going to be blown away with this particular seo tool.

WHY??? Tell me WHY?

OK, hold on there partner while I spill the beans.

Think… you can build an entire linkwheel, backlinking program, an entire network of multiple backlinks, backlinks to backlinks, bookmarks to backlinks and so much more… all within about 15 minutes.  NOT days or weeks… minutes.

And before you start crying spam spam spam.. think about it.

Quality content + high PR backlinks like Vox, Blogger,Wordpress etc + Scheduled automated backlinking list of tasks + 200 free Captcha’s included each month, plus 100% deliverability with no babysitting required.

Think that you can build out an entire campaign that would take a week, in less than an hour and I am talking possibilities like you’ve never even considered.

If you think that sounds good, let me add something else to the pot.

Serp assist is better than se nuke and is a truly brilliant serp tool you are GOING to love.

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One thought on “The Most Profitable Serp Tool In 2010

  1. Jason Webb

    Thanks for the tool which you mentioned in this blog.Excellent idea. It should really inspire some young up-and-comers…I will definitely be checking out the wining idea.

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