The Best Business Ideas From Home

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For 2012 and into 2013 and even beyond, finding business ideas from home that you can physically DO and get your teeth into can sometimes be easier said than done!

For a lot of people who regularly surf the “interwebby thing” :), confusion will of course set in as you are quickly inundated with dozens of ideas and it becomes virtually impossible to focus on one simple idea at all.

business ideas from home



Ok, so now’s the time to relax and not worry about it too much as there IS a way 🙂  (phewww)….

Business Ideas From Home

Let’s begin by trying to figure out whether you want to do the “online” thingy or the “offline” thingy or a combination of both.. (if you can’t decide then you can always download my 100% free business ideas videos , just add your details to the form on that page to grab them – no catch, honest :))

If the online thingy is your cup of tea and you are really digging this then we at least know the general direction…..

Do you want a community (i.e. a forum of your own) where members come and discuss topics on various things all relating to business and business ideas and stuff like that??


free business ideasDo you want to be “under-the radar” like a super sleuth and create pages on websites with a link at the end that directs a visitor to a page where they can buy that item, and earning you a commission in the process – if so, then affiliate marketing is one way to go.

As you progress down your chosen route you’ll get a feel for what it is you ACTUALLY enjoy doing because right now you can really only make an educated guess.  However the key thing is getting started.. okdoke??

There are tons and tons of business ideas that work

That’s the good news because of the constant bombardment and the daily avalanche of emails and sales pages, it’s just so darned easy to get distracted and begin thinking about what you’re gonna be having for your meal later.

You just got to get started… AND… STICK WITH IT!!

As long as the idea is VIABLE and people are making that idea work then do not give up.

It’s ok having ideas and trying stuff but it is most certainly NOT ok to move on to the next, then the next then the next

You are wasting valuable hours of your life … hours you will never get back, so make them count.

best business ideas from homeSome of the best business ideas from home are those in which you are TRULY passionate about.

If electronics is your thing then why not create some model hobby kits and make them stand out form the rest.  This business idea is already extremely profitable for one female entrepreneur named Limor Fried who set up her electronic project kit business and now ships out over 200 units a DAY.

Not bad for an idea that’s been around for a long time.

If knitting is your thing then get all the best ideas together, document them, video them, take photos and write instructions.  get your spoken voice down as a series of instructions.


Package it all up in a number of ways.  Create a paid membership, or a paid product, or simply give all this incredible value away in exchange for getting customers names and email addresses and starting a list building business to whom you can build relationships with longer term.


I cover these topics and a whole lot more in my free video and tips emails.  Head on over to and sign up for free – nothing to pay, i.e. nada, zilch, free! ok?

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