SERPAssist Review

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SERPAssist Review

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Hi again,

I am quite excited at the latest find I was recommended by a colleague (at WordPress Goldmine) called Keith.

This brand new software was only released less than 24 hours ago after a lot of beta testing.  From what I’ve been reading it is an absolute Gem of a find!

Basically it’s called SERPAssist and takes care of automating all of your marketing needs and backlink creation… yes, at the drop of a hat, or press of a button.


It’s a pretty big claim to make, and I appreciate that, but what I’ve seen already is making me sit up, big time.

Anyway, comparable tools like SENuke etc cost more than $120 a month.  This tool is a fraction of that cost and has a lot more features.

It’s actually costing $97 per month but I have managed to negotiate a specially reduced discounted rate of just $77 a month.

* This is my cheap SERPAssist Subscription link. *

SERPAssist search engine domination
Dominate the SERPS With SERPAssist


  • Automatic Email Account Creation!
  • Automatic WEB 2.0 Account Creation!
  • Automatic Content Submission!
  • 100% Success rate on most occasions!
  • No more babysitting of the accounts like with other services!
  • No more manually having to go back and edit things.
  • A piece of software that actually does what it says it will do – at half the price!
  • 200 FREE proxies included each month!
  • Glowing reviews!
  • Something that works!

I will provide my ongoing results but I need to make you aware of something. Dave the developer has said he is going to be limiting the number of people who use this software to keep it working at it’s best.

I admire that because he is obviously wanting to protect his investment and make it pay for a long time.  For me, if this is going to work for a long term then I’m going to be one happy camper!

How does it work?

SERPAssist uses a “service-based” model to automate the creation of accounts, posting content to sites, pinging URLs, and pretty much everything to implement your SEO strategy.

What this means is, SERPAssist (the client software running on your desktop) submits all your tasks to a central server (called SACentral). SACentral then processes the requests (i.e. executes the task) to completion. SERPAssist then polls SACentral for status on the tasks.

As jobs complete, SERPAssist will report this to you and update your user interface with the results.

Using a service-based model means SERPAssist boasts a virtual 100% success rate for all the tasks you submit.  Such potential problems as user names already in use, web sites timing out (or temporarily down), and just plain changes to the algorithms are all made invisible to you and are handled
automatically.  All you do is lay out your plan and submit it to SACentral for processing. Come back later, and viola! Your backlink diagram is populated with successful results.

This is pretty different from the competition and will take a bit of getting used to.

However, I think you’ll like the results!

* Here is my cheap SERPAssist Subscription link if you want to get it for pretty much the cheapest on the internet at this time before they stop selling subscriptions to it. *

Final thoughts:  I am only testing this software at this moment as its quite new, but the initial thoughts and feedback is very encouraging.  The price point is spot on, the list of features is fantastic, and the fact that it seems to simply WORK!  Dave has addressed a lot of the problems you get with other comparable over-priced pieces of software, and made it easy.  You set this up, press a button and then turn off your PC if you want to – it is set-it and forget it.  The only rare times it will report a problem is if for instance a site goes down, like a blank screen – it will report back.  But all the retries, submissions, signups etc are all handled automatically for you.  Join now before they end the signup period.

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13 thoughts on “SERPAssist Review”

  1. My SerpAssist trial has just ended so I have now been billed the monthly fee. I really like the software and the features, however currently it does not have as many sites and features as SENuke but it is superior in the way it works. But, and it is a big But, I still have tasks which have been submitted but not yet completed well over a week old. Because of this I have not been fully able to evaluate the software and results from it.

  2. Hi Steve, all I can say is it does work very well.
    When one item gets stuck it holds up everything. However, dave has a major update coming in the next couple of weeks that should eradicate these issues. I for one cant wait!

  3. Hi “Me” 🙂 – I know tasks did slow down but they are picking up again, and nwo tasks are getting completed in less tghan 45 minutes on average which is superb. plus the issues are not the software as such, rather that he faced amazing levels of interest and it has grown quickly. daves doign a great job of improving things and has talked a bout a lot of good stuff to come.

    Software evolves, so be prepared for a few bumps along the way – its just growing pains. The results speak for themselves. For less than 20 minutes work Ive enjoyed several page one results for non-IM niches..

  4. I too purchased WordPress Goldmine, and I must admit that it is, indeed, fantastic! Actually, fantastic is a gross understatement. In the ebook, the author, Mark, highly recommends UAW. Which is what I’m thinking about exploring in a few weeks.

    So, how is SERPAssist different from UAW? Is it functionally superior, and if so, then why?

  5. Well I feel that the net is always changing and methods start to slow in effectiveness to one degree or another.

    UAW is good, and I dont see me ever leaving because you can generate a few hundred links easy.

    But because Google changes algorithms they, I assume, pick up on patterns, so it makes sense to diversify your backlinking.

    Serpassist is so different its unreal. Serpassist submits to web 2.0 properties, stuff with high pr ranks, and it can all be scheduled too. Plus you can create elaborate backlink startegies, linkwheels etc and set them all up within say 30-60 minutes easily – something which would take days to create.

  6. @mkt – yes its recurring and no its not cheap – it just saves a heap load of time and does an effective job… 🙂

  7. @Shaun:

    Thanks, Shaun for the response … it makes sense. I saw that linkwheel set up SERPAssist can do and was pretty blown away with it by the video demonstration. I’m presold on this software. Especially after using Google’s Touchgraph to analyze the linkwheels on some potential competitors. Just waiting to go on maternity leave very soon so I can actually USE it rather than get charged for it. =)

    One more quick question, Shaun: Have you ever used SEOElite? If so, what’s your honest opinion on it. It looks like it would be a pretty good “set yourself up from the beginning” tool while SERPAssist seems like a powerful “keep yourself on top” maintenance tool. I’m just trying to get an honest review rather than an affiliate marketing “sales page” review to figure out if SERPAssist is more or less powerful enough to negate the use of the SEOElite software. LOL! I’m all about spending a little bit of money to make it back, but on the flip side, I don’t mind keeping the $167.00 in my pocket to pay for a couple months of SERPAssist in the very near future.

  8. @Getting Started:
    What I would say is not to go too mad on link wheels – that’s only my own personal opinion mind you, based on what other credible people I talk to, believe (over at wordpress goldmine – link in the right hand sidebar of this blog 🙂 ) – WordPress Goldmine is what got me into I.M. last October.
    Ok enough of that, I havent used SEOElite so I cant really comment on it – but what I do to ge myself set up is write a good first post of arund 350-500 words, keyword targetted, around 2% density, and then I bookmark that post, use and a few other things, and then pretty much leave it alone for a few weeks and see how it settles in good old “G”.

    Software is good if you use it, but otherwise its comonly referred to as a “shiny object” at “wpgm” – ie it looks nice, but if you dont use it, whats the point?

    Ive basically been taught to do things from a free point of view and aded software as Ive gone along. Personally as things stand, I own unique articlewizard, market samurai,rss submit and a fw other trinkets, but a lot of it is done manually.

    Hope this helps.
    Shaun 🙂

  9. Yes, it does. Thanks.=) I think your answer confirmed what I was feeling anyway. Maternity Leave is almost here, so I will be back shortly to finally commit to SERPAssist.

    RSS submit? Which brand of software? I Googled it, but all sorts of websites popped up and I had no clue which one you were referring to. Or is this a plug-in?

  10. @Getting Started:

    Its by Incansoft – I have a link but as Im on vacation I am too lazy to go find it! Its just software to submit rss feeds to the aggregators.

    try as another one, thats free.

  11. Serpassist is a fantastic idea but unfortunately it doens’t live up to expectations.

    Like someone earlier said, some of the tasks take well over a week to complete. This just isn’t good enough especially when you consider the price and the low number of sites it submits to.

    The promise of 100% success rate is also not true, of the tasks that have been completed, quite a few have failed, especially with account creation which as most of you will know, messes everything else up.

    Something else I found out after I joined (not mentioned on the sales page) is that you can only create 8 accounts per day which makes the monthly price even more of a rip off.

    Private support is non existent. You have to speak to the owner on the forum which obviously isn’t always suitable. Even when he does answer your thread he can be very rude.

    I would say for the tiny amount of sites it submits to, the fail rate, the speed and the terrible support this is only worth about $20 a month.

    In fact, sick submitter is only $20 per month, so I would say serpassist is worth more like $10.

  12. Hi Alex, I can understand the frustration. All I can say is it does work, and work very well (when things are going good). I think he cranked up too quick and things have gotten a bit hectic, but as I read last week he is catching up now with the 2 staff he has hired and things are turning around.

    Hope things pick up for you, all the best. Im sticking around with it.

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