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I absolutely love the brand new software called SerpAssist. It is an automation tool for internet marketers who are looking to build out their backlink networks and link wheel type set-ups It can, using a visual diagrammatic method, allow you to simply drag and drop your web properties onto a white screen and connect them up, much like dot to dot and then just add your articles and well, that’s it!

Plus, there are some very exciting developments in the pipeline, and I do mean pretty soon. Can you ever imagine doing just 3 clicks for your whole back-linking strategy? This might sound like a fanciful crazy dream but I assure you this is coming. All you will need to do is enter your article, enter your titles and web properties and hit the go button.

All of a sudden you will have a system that goes to work, on a central server behind the scenes, and lays out, a network of back-links to bookmarking websites, feeder blogs, main blogs and many more. You can even have it all scheduled so it all trickles in and builds naturally and slowly. You can even go as many levels deep as you want to as well!

How does that sound?

Well although this might be whetting your appetite (and I sure hope it IS!) let me add that when you look at comparable services like senuke, serpassist is almost half the price of senuke and is soon going to be going way way beyond the needs of senuke.

That I can assure you.

Serpassist is an amazing tool because it builds links slowly, let me repeat that slowly, and they appear to be made naturally, which is what the search engines are looking for – natural link building. If you start spamming websites with hundreds of back-links you will quickly see it drop down in the rankings.

Anyone who has ever worked hard at trying to promote their business will have spent hours and hours creating back-links time and time again, making each backlink unique and remaining quality content at the same time. I want to reassure you that you can genuinely claw back as much as 10 hours every day with Serpassist – how much is 10 hours a day worth to you?

I’m not kidding you here – when I spend a day on back-linking, I often write 10-20 pieces of high quality content and I can spend 10 hours making sure each piece of content is exciting enough to draw the reader to click through to my target website.

It’s hard work starting at the screen all day, and then having to wait a few days to a few weeks to see the fruits of your labor show up in the search engine results pages

So when someone claims they can eliminate those 10 hours you tend to sit up and take a good look, and that is what I am asking you to do. Please sit up and think of this. I ask because the developer is going to cap membership to ensure it remains a good strong tool to use for years to come. For me that is the sign of a good developer who is also thinking about his own future too, not a short minded developer who is only in it for a quick buck.

So it makes sense for you to get involved as soon as possible.

So what else can I say about this software?

Well, you can set up unlimited campaigns…. ahhh right now you’re seeing the big picture.

Imagine setting up 10 campaigns in one day, easy done with Serp Assist. Those 10 campaigns may take a whole day or half a day – you’ll just need to supply the article for those, but that’s it. You will, as a result, have managed to save yourself probably as much as 100 hours of your time.

Now that’s powerful.

Why stop at 10 though? Many marketers own 50 or more domains.
How hard would it be to naturally set a campaign up for 50 phrases, all at the same time, 1 phrase to each domain, and then another phrase to each domain in a week or two’s time?

I can tell you that is a full time job. Most marketers understand that 80% of work is marketing while 20% is site building.

With Serpassist you could set up 50 campaigns quickly and then turn off your PC while those networks go off and get built for you.

I hope by now you are foaming at the mouth! I am just writing this!

Seriously, if you can’t see that this is going to save your hours and hours each week, give you back hours and hours of your life, and grow huge backlink networks in a few short clicks then I don’t know what else I can say to convince you any different.

It works, it’s cheaper than competitors by a huge margin, it doesn’t break like the competitors websites and it’s got almost 100% deliver ability All issues are dealt with behind the main Centralise server, and the 6 nodes that handle your requests, and keep retrying 3 times until the task is completed. If after 3 times it fails then the developer is notified to any glitches, fixes the glitch and resubmits your tasks. All you see is most of the time a 100% deliver ability record. The one occasion you see a failure is when a site actually closes down then it becomes a permanent failure.

Join Serpassist today, don’t delay, don’t dawdle, just join because the link will not be available forever.

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