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Senuke Alternative

Does it really exist out here in cyberspace?

You bet your life it does.  I am talking about what I consider to be the very best alternative right now in 2010, to Senuke.  It’s called SerpAssist and right now this link will save you $20 a month but if you go direct to the site it will cost you more.

SerpAssist Image
SerpAssist, A GREAT Senuke Alternative

Is It Really As Good As The “Really Really Long Sales Letter Senuke Software”?

Well, for a start it boasts 100% success rates… you heard me correct. 

The only time you will see a fail is if a site goes down permanently.

The rest of the time it processes your requests while you turn your computer off and go down the beach.

OK, that is a bit of a cliche I must admit, let me tell you that SerpAssist is almost half the price of SeNuke.

Truly, this Senuke alternative has got a lot going for it…

… and it’s only going to get better.

So, I really should tell you what it’s got going for it before I get myself too hyped up.

Now before I dive in to how it’s working at the moment I need to tell you about something quite special the developer, Dave, has got planned.

He is intending to code it so that you can literally perform all of around 3 mouse clicks, hit submit and then walk away.

That on it’s own really should be making you jump up out of your chair!

Right now, it uses a unique diagrammatic modelling system that allows you to map out your own backlinking strategy, just how you want it, in the order that you prefer to do things.  Add your content and off it goes – building those networks, as many layers deep as you want.  All the tasks can be scheduled if needed.

serpassist review
SerpAssist Diagrammatic Modelling Layout

We are talking about setting up main sites, feeder blogs, web 2.0 properties, bookmarking services etc.  All accounts created AUTOMATICALLY, registrations set up automatically, submissions sent automatically and re-sent if they fail on the first attempt.

All of this is handled “behind the scenes” at SA central – a main server set up by Dave, with more than 6 nodes set up behind it (i.e. slave computers) which listen out for your requsts and work on them until they post a success back to your software the next time you switch it on.

Yep, no more resource hogging!

This Senuke alternative seems rather attractive doesnt it!

What else is included?

  • 200 free proxies each and every month are included with your monthly subscription of just $77 when using this link.
  • REAL customer support from a real admin!
  • Great prospects
  • Software that works
  • It delivers links slowly and naturally over 3 weeks
  • It can be scheduled

Need I say more?

So grab this Senuke alternative right now because Dave will be capping memberships in the near future.

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