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WordPress Goldmine review

An update on my daily success:

How I love this crazy website thats been the making of a great new start in 2010.  For me this has been the perfect apprenticeship.

Over the past 6 years I’ve personally developed a lot of websites in the make money area of life, losing thousands of pounds and dollars and literally wasting all those years.

I met Mark Thompson about 4 years ago when he collaborated on a magazine I was running online. he provided content for the mag back then tailored to adsense, of all things.  Something I’d never really had too much success with, apart from getting the account banned…  oh my.  That’s another story for another day!

Anyway this is my wordpress goldmine review update so I’d better stay on track with this post!

I spent the first 3 months actually getting deeply engrossed in all parts of wpgm life.  I became a very active forum poster and now have almost 600 posts under my belt.

I started following the tactics, and yet even with me being a person who is HEAVILY DISTRACTED I am now seeing money coming in, and traffic going to my websites.

Yes, it’s small money, but small money soon snowballs when you are following a plan that works.. simple.

My initial apprenticeship if you like, has now been done by me, and I certainly feel like I have graduated in the school of internet marketing using wordpress blogs and wordpress goldmine.

In January I made £2.34 in adsense ($3.57 USD) with 700 impressions and 27 clicks.

In February I have so far made £4.15 in adsense ($6.30 USD) based on 759 impressions and 33 clicks.

So the trend is looking good.

December 2009 was actually a little higher than Janaury 2010 (Over £6.00 GBP) but that was because I was really giving a good push, and then in Janary I was “sitting back” waiting to watch the statistics reveal themselves.  A mistake I should not have made.

In fact what I SHOULD have done wss just KEEP ON BUILDING THE SITES.

I joined in October time and something in wpgm made me stay there and instantly “fit in” to their community, which is absolutely unlike any other forum I have ever visited.  You can literally find 5-10 or more people at any time to answer a question.

When I am on a roll I can build 1 site a day, just about so now Ive reached the point where I know what works, what to do, how to do it, and how to get the site listed/indexed, ranking well and bringing in traffic FAST.

Anyway, now I am on a roll I am going to start setting some targets to beat each month.  What has worked well for many friends over at wordpress goldmine review ($a 1 trial can be had through this link) is to set a date when they reach $100 in earnings and try to beat it each month.

Well as Im not there yet, even though it wont be long now Im on a roll, this is going to be the month of change.

Now I can do sites fast and quick the returns should really start to rise upwards over the next 4 weeks, so stay peeled for an update towards the end of March for that!

Join me and see why Im making such a fuss.  I hope youve enjoyed this review update.


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