Quick Progress Update: Wednesday 30th March 2010

By | March 31, 2010

Well, as per the past few weeks, I am not building sites for a week or 2 more due to getting some offline commitments finished.

The good news is that money KEEPS COMING IN.

All I need to do is ramp up the amout of site building I’ve done, which thankfully I will be doing in huge amounts within the next few weeks once I’ve caught up.

I’ve made around 20p a day in adsense the past few days, every day, plus gained a new referral at wordpress goldmine.

This is one of just 5 main sites.

When Im ready to start pushing I’ll be able to do 1-2 sites a day, so its only going to be a week or two before it turns into £1 a day, and then upwards.

I like wordpress goldmine, as if you couldnt tell.  Its the one thing that Ive ever done online, that is “proper and decent” and set to last long term.

I’ll post a monthly update tomorrow.

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