Progress Update – Tuesday 6th April 2010

By | April 6, 2010

Well we’ve just emerged from the other side of the Easter holiday period – 4 days of officially “no work” for many people here in the Uk.

Ironically most revenues have dropped “all that time”, as have the number of traffic visits.  I’m sure when there are a lot more sites up, lots more daily traffic that this will still mean a drop in income, but will not affect the “minimum I need” on a daily basis too much – as long as I aim for way over that “minimum – i.e. double should be my, and everyones targets to shoot for.  Why not?

During this week, last week and most probably next week I am not providing regular daily updates because of the offline commitments I am working through.

Still on the 1st April had a rather interesting day when one site pulled in over £1.55 on it’s own.

Then there has been next to nothing.

Today though had another 17pence to add to the pot.

While my dream means I want to shout out that I made another $200, $300 and more, it’s important to recognise the small increments and “ongong progress made in small bite sized chunks”.

So the totals “for this month” so far, are:

Adsense: £1.72

Clickbank: £0.00

Amazon: £0.00

I have put a few new backlinks to a couple of sites though, and have launched another new site, so progress IS being made, just frustratingly, not yet at the rate I am desperate to achieve…  couple of weeks Shauny… couple of weeks…!

Over, and out…

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