Progress Update: Thursday 6th May 2010 (Election day 2010!)

By | May 6, 2010

Well just as here in the Uk the govornment are preparing to see who will lead our country for the next 5 years I am preparing too.

Today is my first full time day of Internet Marketing.

The real hard slog begins next week as I still have a few things left to tie up, but I am excited for the battle ahead.

Anyway, as for the results of “again” no work being done for almost 6+ weeks lets take a look, just for the sake of keeping a record:

Adsense £0.02

Amazon £0.45 (3 sales, 2o of which have been shipped)

Clickbank £0.00 (but starting to gte a lot more “order page” views buy visitors)

So that’s my free money done, Ive got a new PC coming today at some point, plus some tasks to get on with so Ill get another update out in the coming days.

No more sitting stale, I am going to be increasing: Number of sites built and number of backlinks to each site.  That is my aim from now on so each month ends report should see ongoing increases starting with the end of this month.

After a few weeks I am hoping to see gradual daily increases so that should then begin to be an exciting story to read.

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