Progress Update – Sunday 28th March 2010

By | March 28, 2010

Progress Update – Sunday 28th March 2010

Well I was going to leave progress update posting for a few weeks until I get fuilly into the swing of building sites after Ive dealt with a few offline items.

I wanted to say that I was just checking on earnings and realised I had a sale on clickbank back on the 8th March earning me just over $25 – what a nice surprise!

Also on my other site I co-own ( we had a record adsense earnings day of £2.30 – lol you may laugh but its a nice bit of change for building a site once, and it covers the hosting so all is on the up.

This month is going to be a nice push upwards from previous months.

The sale was for a product I mentioned on the page entitled get site indexed by google.

Its nice when this happens, and its even nicer that I am starting to see money trickle in from 3 sources now – amazon, adsense and clickbank.

I cant wait to see how things jump when I start the big push in a few weeks.

Im definitely going to be doing product related sites the same time as adsense based site – earning $25 is far better than 25 cents 🙂

Anyway from the stats from yesterday I earned

adsense: £0.17

Clickbank £16

Amazon £0.00

Wow just looking at that.. this is absolutely VERY ENCOURAGING….  £40 to £60 a day covers wages in most cases, so all I need is 3 sales a day and, well all is looking pretty darned good!

Folks, if you read this just DO THIS STUFF.  Join wordpress goldmine for just one dollar, or read my wordpress goldmine review.

It’s your life, dont waste it.

Take care,


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