Progress Update – Saturday 10th April 2010

By | April 10, 2010


As you know I am still inside a 4 -6 week timeframe where I can do very little, but should be emerging out the other side within 1-2 weeks (fingers crosssed).

Adsense: £0.43

Amazon: £0.00

Clickbank £0.00

At the moment I am finding this inability to work hard a real frustrating time..  I know I am very impatient though.

Today is the 10th and a third of the way through the month and at leas the adsense seems to be to some degree still in line with last month, which is reassuring at least.

The one site which has prevailed consistently, staying in the number 2 slot behind only wikipedia is the one I did a lot of backlinking to in the early days.  In fact I spent almost 2 months on it, but at that time I knew no better.

The latest sites all had a minimal amount of promotion work done and vary in position from position 10 to position 15 and worst, so it just goes to show that the methods offered in wordpress goldmine do work – more backlinks = more success.

While I may still ony have 6 sites, I can now see that (when I am free in 2 weeks) what I need to do.  Spend a good solid week initially on each site to push them up through the rankings before I develop new sites.  I want to get each site doing £1 a day or at least “regular daily money per site” instead of bits here and there.

This image is the copyright of ranktrackerplugin ( but I wanted to show it because it helps show and prove what positioning does for your site.  I recommend you visit that site because it’s run by Paul Forcey, who is, besides a good friend, a top member at wordpress goldmine.

You can see that instead of starting a new site, if you focus on creating backlinks to existing sites and bumping them up the rankings you can grow the traffic and earnings that way instead.

With less sites you can focus more on the ones you own, properly, and move on to more sites further down the line once the existing ones are doing well.

I do agree with building more and more sites as time evolves but it may be beneficial down the line to employ people to continue with content creation and backlink generation.

If you were to move from position 10 to position 1 it can mean your traffic jumps by a factor of 25!  25 times the traffic!

So as long as you’ve researched the niche first and know that position 1(or even 2 or 3) is attainable you can reach at least a nice sizeable income per site.

Sometimes just a bit of promotional work can give your site double the traffic… so if you only get 50 cents a day you could quite conceivably hit $1 a day for that site…

The name of the game is to get as much out of each site as possible.

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