Progress Update On WordPress Goldmine Earnings

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Progress Update On WordPress Goldmine Earnings

I havent posted a progress update for a few weeks because there wasn’t a whole amount of need.  The past 6 weeks or so are basically when I have started full time at this.  I am still earning but the more I learn the more I earn.


Back in April I earned £5.48 adsense in May I have earned £4.91 June so far its at £2.51 – it’s good to know that things tend to follow a certain ongoing continual path and I’m happy to know that basically what I am doing is slowly building a passive income empire.  I know some people scoff and laugh at the earnings but everyone has to start somewhere.  Ive never claimed to be the fastest but I certainly understand the rules.


April was $7.04, May was $3.76 and June so far is just $0.54 – Not sure what to say on that, maybe Ive encountered competition for my sites, or maybe it’s just fact that the income goes up and down – if I had 100 sites in my arsenal it could be arather different story.


April $0.00 May $0.00 June $0.00 (There was a sale which would have netted me $30 a month but it got refunded).

WordPress Goldmine Affiliate Sales:

April: $20.48 May $19.98 June to be reviewed at month end but should be 3 subscribers so around $28.

Other sales:

I am promoting other items too, one of which I should have sold 2 subscriptions earning me $20 on each so thats at $40 per month.

So, progress so far I am sitting somewhere in the region of

Adsense roughly $7

Amazon proposed $2

Clickbank ….

WPGM $28

Other $40

So all in about $77 a month.

Woweee some of you may say, and wowee I say too but I don’t care!  Potentially thats $70 a month for life as long as I keep doing maintenance promotion.

Now Im working full time at this I am starting to see the fruits of my effort.  Other people have had bigger successes and I congratulate them, but I am after all making progress udner my own steam, and it’s a good feeling.

To date, I still only own 6 or 7 sites and havent done nearly enough on all of them and for a long time have been.

Plus, it’s really only recently Ive been “getting it” and understanding the bigger picture.

Do you know… would it REALLY MATTER if it took me 5 years to reach a full time passive income?  Some people would say thats not acceptable, but lets look another way.

Doctors study for 5-10 years, people in well paid professions study at university for 5 years without a guarantee of a job, plus when they retire, the money stops unles theyve got a brilliant pension.  How good are pensions anyway these days?

Plus, they STILL have to go to work 40 hours a week when they are sick or ill and they still have to beg and plead like sick puppies for any time off, plus their bosses make them feel like crap day in day out.. no thanks…

Me, with ongoing maintenance, I can happily build this money up, and even one day pay outsourcers to take over 95% of the work leaving me to do what I want, when I want for the rest of my life.

If I want that £70,000 BMW I can have it.

Many people who have spent their WHOLE LIVES chasing their dreams get frustrated over and over and over each time they read stuff like this, because they are stressed that it’s not working for them.

Can I be your helping hand? why not join me at WordPress Goldmine.

Wordpress Goldmine Special offer

I’m happy to be the tortoise when other people are the hares.  As long as I remain true to the path and keep putting one foot down in front of the other I will get there.  It’s not a race it’s a marathon.

Other news:

Search engine results page positioning is increasing almost daily.  This is the key – having more and more pages of content that show up in the SERPS.  I have spent the past few weeks doing just that – adding content to my sites and bookmarrking the pages(as well as some other techniques you’ll lear inside wpgm if you join).

One site I recently pushed, I targeted about 15 phrases – and wrote content for each phrase and 2 weeks later 90% of those phrases now show up on page 1 of Google.

I’ve also come to realise that all this time Ive been targetting keyword phrases with low search volume and low adsense earnings, so this is another factor that has influenced the overall earnings.

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  1. Great article. I enjoy hearing about entrepreneurs who triumph potentially devastating situations and rise from it with a leaner, more efficient business and go on to achieve everything they desire.

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