Progress Update Monday 1st April 2010 – and end of Month report

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Well the whole of February yielded £4.80 adsense and £0.89 in amazon income , pus a recurring (passive) renewal of income from a referral at wordpress goldmine earning me £6.57 for a total of

Adsense: £4.80

Amazon £0.89

Clickbank: £0.00

Overall “site building” passive income is:  £5.69

Factor in the wordpress goldmine affiliate income and we get: WPGM: £6.57

Overall Total for Feb is £12.26

Now I want to move on to March.

A month where virtually nothing has been done as it is a period in time where I am leaving my job, emptying a relatives house, setting up an accountant and writing sales pages for others.

Lets see what I earned from “no extra effort” in site building.

Adsense: £7.08

Clickbank: £16.75

Amazon : £3.26

That’s a passive site building total of £27.09

That’s an increase of 376% (new amount, minus old amount = difference between the two figures = £21.40.  £21.40 divided by last months amount of £5.69 = 3.76.  Multitply 3.76 x 100 to gve the percentage increase of 376%)

I can cope with that..  Sure beats an increase at any job.

I also continue to earn a recurring income on a previous sale of one wordpress goldmine referral, and a second referral who has taken the $1 trial and who may upgrade if he sees the benefit in all of this, so that came in at:

WPGM: £6.89

So overall passive income was £27.09 + £6.89 = £33.98

I also did 3 “sales page” writing contracts earning good 3 figure amounts, but I don’t want to include that, as I am tracking “passive income” with a strict focus on the 3 major ones of Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon (for now)

That concludes my “no effort” month (sorry had to put that in because it’s quite funny that I’ve earned even when I’ve not been working on them – imagine if I HAD BEEN!)

Anyway once this month of April has been dealt with and I’ve gotten over all the offline things I need to do I am hoping to start seeing some pretty big jumps in income.

As noted above, I am focusing on the 3 main totally passive opportunities of adsense, clickbank and amazon, but I will also report in the earnings from additional sources.

I am not sure if the nice clickbank sale was a fluke or is likely to continue but I sure intend to see things go in the right direction.

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