Progress Update: Friday 26th March 2010 – An Historic Day

By | March 26, 2010

Well today is officially my LAST full time day at my regular job.  I do believe a celebrationary drink will be insisted upon by the rest of my colleagues after work 🙂

Even with virtually ZERO site building work done the last few weeks money still comes in, and from various sources.

Adsense: £0.00

Amazon:  £1.66 (nice)

Clickbank : £0.00

Now, the actual figures at the moment are small.. oh yeah.. but money comes in all the time and this is just on a very small handful; of sites (6).

When I have eventually built for example 1000 times this number (even if it took 2-3 years) this would equate to an average of $100 USD a day with days going up to $500+ a day…  sounding better?

The method works.

I’m on the right track for sure as each month supercedes the previous one so far in terms of earnings, and even with little effort done this month it’s a nice and warm gooey feeling!

For the month to date adsense has gone to: £6.34 with amazon in at £3.33 amnd its not even quite yet at the month end, so £9.67 all in – not bad for only 1 weeks work out of the month, and February was only £4.88 all in so it’s almost going to double it.  I can cope with growth like that.

If you factor in my writing too, Ive earned $$125, plus $125 plus $20 plus $100 plus $50 plus $10 affiliate commissions of wpgoldmine.

So $430 plus the site buildings passive income $14 = $444 for the month… not too shabby.

However this site is mainly concerned about passive site building but Im happy to show other earnings where applicable.

Other news, I’ve downloaded and installed 2 new plugins to all my blogs.  A “404 notifier” plugin  and a “redirection” plugin.  This sends me an email whenever I get a 404 error.  I didn’t realise the value in these, but I sure do now.  One guy using these realised he got a 70% jump in his adsense income for the month, and a 40% jump in his amazon earnings when he fixed the 404 errors, which are handled easily with these 2 plugins.  get them!

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2 thoughts on “Progress Update: Friday 26th March 2010 – An Historic Day

  1. pete

    A thousand sites! That sounds awesome. You’ve inspired me to shoot for that too. I see now I was thinking too small.

  2. Shaun Post author

    Thanks Pete! It’s just a case of keping your head down and shooting for the stars.. one small bite sized step at a time. 🙂

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