Progress update for Saturday 1st May 2010 and end of month report

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Well I thought it was pointless providing progress updates the last couple of weeks and of course the past 8 weeks I haven’t really done any internet marketing at all.

Thanks to wordpress goldmine though, things could not be better, given the circumstances.

Someone criticised my progress a few weeks ago which I thought was unfair given the fact we have been dealing with the estate of my now dead father in law who died suddenly from a heart attack, in the street.

Now thankfully most of the stuff is behind me and all I can say is WATCH THIS SPACE for May!

Now on to the results.

My Adsense dropped a little bit compared to last month by 36%

Adsense £5.48 (£8.63 last month)

I know why the drop was significant.  Last month I had a single click from one site for £1.98 and that site hasnt had any further promotion from me yet.

And really this isnt a good measure on just 5 or 6 sites.

Clickbank earnings £0.00

Amazon was a good result:  I doubled the number of clicks to over 200 and the earnings came out at almost double compared to last month too.  Not bad for zero work.

Amazon earnings: $7.04 (USD) or £4.60

As for referring new people to WPGM I increased the signups for a third month in a row, with one per month.

This is all testament to the fact that this WORKS.

I am wholly convinced beyond ANY reasonable doubt whatsoever and now have been a member since October 2010.

The ONLY reason I’m not doing hundreds per month yet is because of the family death and everything we’ve had to do since then – the whole affair was left for me and my wife to deal with.

6 sites up, 5 are on page 1 with 2 of them at position 1 in the search engines.

I know that I can build a site a day if I want to, but I also know that in a lot of the cases you need to continually work on each site adding backlinks, pushing them higher up the rankings and keeping them there.

I have friends who can build one site a day and with great research do little else to them until they need it – a nice approach, but to encompass all kinds of sites we need to push all methods.

i.e. diversify…

Now, I can go on and on and on about this for hours as it’s something I went into very thoroughly a few years ago and I intend to get some reports written up to give away in the future to explain what I mean…



p.s. read my WordPress Goldmine review and decide for yourself if your life is worth changing.  I dont know what else I can say.  It works, period.  When you stop thinking all about the hype, spam, crap and stupidness that exists and you have a clear head, then that is the moment in your life when you need to make a proper and sensible decision.  Stay clear of the crap that clutters the net.

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