Progress Update 21st March 2010

By | March 21, 2010

OK, officially I joined WPGM in October 2009. I spent 6 months reading, digesting, trying, and making friends.
Now I am organizing a conference to be held in the UK July 15th and 16th – yay!

I’ve also been told my copywriting skills are pretty sharp and have been commission by several people already to do wrok for them – so far so good.

These outside influences have actually slowed down the site building progress, but this is going to take a very steep curve up in a few weeks once I go part time at my job.

I will have 3 days a week to devote to site building and then I can ramp it up.

Last night I made a huge 45p! Thats about 75 cents to anyone who works in dollars, lol.

But it proves that consistently site building works, and the money keeps on coming in.
As a friend of mine, and fellow wordpress goldmine member Heather pointed out, going from 44 cents a day to $3000 a month is easy.

Right now each site I build maks me around $1.50 per month.

So what do I do?  Build 3 sites a day and within a year that should be around $1500 per month.

It certainly isn’t rocket science.. this is one of those things people do to make money for themselves.

Adsense: £0.45

Clickbank: £0.00

Amazon: £0.00

Expect to see some sharp rises in the coming weeks.

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