Progress Report Update – July 2010

By | August 5, 2010

Thanks to WordPress Goldmine I have now been learning Internet marketing for 10 months in the best environment you can imagine.

In all that time I have had small successes in some areas, and no successes in others.  I think that I found this topic difficult to deal with due to information overload.

My average adsense, clickbank and amazon earnings have remained steady (and slow), however I did report last that I was promoting something, and its been a bit of w inner.

At the moment its making me in the region of $560 per month.  I am blown away by this concept of passive income, in fact I am mesmerised by the whole thing… cut me down the middle and you will read “passive income” inside of me.

I have started to outsource some of the things I have difficulty with, and so a very good person is kindly building me some sites and videoing everything.  Its a great way to improve.

So what about you?

When is it going to be “your” time?

I spent the past 4 years wasting time and money.  4 years ago I met Mark Thompson who owns wordpress goldmine and he was making these crazy websites.  I was doign my thing, trying to be a big king, running sites that had over 15,000 members and yet why after 4 years wasnt I a rich man?

For me, doing this has been the one thing that made me stop doing everything else and just focus on one thing, a real thing.  The one thing that required effort.

I hope your time is close.  Maybe Ill see you in wpgm…

take care


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