Progress Report Update August 2010

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Hi folks,

After going on the uk conference a couple of months ago it has spurred me on to do some new things.

I spotted my current weak points – identifying niches and decided to outsource it.

The good news is you can still be successful even if you know nothing about a subject, although I am keen to be fully immersed, I am not at the “super affiliate” status of some friends over at WordPress Goldmine.

Still, progress is progress 🙂

Last month I posted that I was on around $560/month.  Well that turned out to be slightly wrong due to a misunderstanding for a certain item I am promoting.  So it was an overall of around $250 for July.

Adsense was quite similar in July, but in August I have had a defined increase – and I put this down to the outsourcing of having someone identify a niche and put a site together for me as an autoblog, in record time.

August overall:

Adsense: $41

Amazon: $5.66

Clickbank: $40

Other $400 – nice!

Anyway, like I say, las October I was wholly a NEWBIE on $0 a month.

I don’t care whe people say it’s a rubbish income – it’s MY income and a result of me staying focused on one thing – internet marketing.

Ive known for around 15 years that I want PASSIVE INCOME for the rest of my life.  Its been in my mind for at least that amount of time and I have actively pursued it through multi level marketing.

You know… you culd get a college education for 5 years, stuidy hard and spend a lot of money financing that education and end up on a  job of $60,000 a year, for life until you retire when it drops.

Alternatively you could work hard for 5 years, spend money on your internet marketing education and end up on a passive income for life that comes in whether you work or not,sick or not, on vacation or not, and there are no limits to it.

Which option sounds best?

Invest in your education today.

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2 thoughts on “Progress Report Update August 2010”

  1. Hi Shaun, I “bumped” into you over on WP Goldmine quite a few months back now, you may or may not remember… the guy who upped and left the Midlands (Rugby area) for want of a life in Malaysia (living off his internet income).

    Anyhow, just wanted to say that your income from internet marketing is testament to where most IM’ers would love to be within 11 months of “start up”. It took me about 18 months before I saw any profits and a general month would see me invest/waste upwards of $400 US in glossy products to get me to where I wanted to be – earning a full time income from IM.

    But there’s something else that is very important here. That is, you know how you hear about and occasionally witness those guys and gals who ‘suddenly’ are making $10k a month or whatever via internet marketing, even though they’ve been doing it for merely a year or so? If it were me, and I were starting from scratch with internet marketing, I would much, much prefer to follow someone like you along the path because your progress to online riches is much more feasible and achievable than those who ‘suddenly’ earn a fortune.

    If I were to find an internet marketer who was making an extra $50 to couple hundred dollars extra on a monthly basis and has been doing so for a few months on the trot due to their internet marketing efforts, I’d be following along with them like a kestrel would a field mouse! Simply because they are “in the know” and they are the real deal when it comes to making a very comfortable living from online income, given 2 or 3 years in doing so!

    I’ve got the higher diplomas and honours degress and what not, but fact is I would happily give it all back if I knew about internet marketing back then!

    Good luck and best wishes Shaun!

    Joseph Archibald

  2. Hi Joseph, I don’t know what to say except a very kind and grateful “thank you”. I have visited your blog and left a comment on one of your posts -it’s a very nice and natural site which shows your character.

    I think we have some similar traits – Kleeneze, gardening.. been there done that got both t-shirts, finally settling into “IM”.

    Take care, and long may you prosper.

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