Progress Report October 2010 And General Roundup

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Well I am happy to report continued good things are happening, and so far each month is improving on the previous month.

Onwards and upwards in baby steps right?

I am actually ecstatic with the progress that has been made this month and I can wholeheartedly put it all down to what I have been doing with WordPress Goldmine (go on, take the crazy $5 trial!).

I’ve been doing a number of things this month and wanted to lay it all out – if I can do it, believe me, ANYONE can do it!

For a start I have been tweaking the overall layout  of where to put the Adsense ads on each of my 50 sites.  In the WordPress Goldmine forum a layout for best ad placement was revealed and I have used this to tweak each site.  It’s only been a few days but I have definitely seen somewhere between a 30% and a 50% improvement in earnings.

Talking of earnings… lets take a look:

Adsense: September was £47.20 GBP ($74.28 USD) – in October I managed to turn it into £85.71 (that is $137.63) – so it almost doubled.

Amazon: September was £10.35 ($16.30 USD) – In October I saw a great leap. I earned £56.70 (or $91.07)

Clickbank: I earned around the same as last month £19 (Or $30)

New sales: I managed to pull in a hosting client for a nice $50 commission

WPGM – $30 earnings.

Other earnings: $300 (down from $480)

So the overall earnings was $300 = $$30 + $50 + $30 + $91.07 + $137.63 =  $638.70 USD (£397.75 GBP)

So overall about $33 UP on the previous month, despite a drop of $180 from promoting some software.

Expenditure is £235.94 so overall clear profit is £161.81 which is £20 more than the previous month despite the big drop.

Ok, last October I knew nothing about internet marketing.  Zilch!

Now I wish this was more but it isn’t, I’ll deal with it, lol.

As with any learning curve you tend to not notice any big changes for ages, and then once it begins, it snowballs.  So Now I “know” what to do it’s just a case of continuing on with this.

Oh well back to work!

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4 thoughts on “Progress Report October 2010 And General Roundup”

  1. Wow first time I’ve seen a internet marketer disclosing a * R E A L * income.
    Most of the screen shots shown by so called “online marketing experts” as “proof” of paypal or affiliate earnings in squeeze pages are pretty impressive but I’m not sure if that’s exactly their earnings.

    Makes me and other novice marketers think that we must be doing something wrong.

    But with your revelation, the possibility of decent or even massive earnings is there — it takes a good amount of learning and work to earn the title of a real internet marketing guru — for me you already earn that title. Kudos to you!

    All the best to your venture.


  2. Hi Jesse. Thanks for those extremely kind words, it means a lot. I have to say, that even though it’s taken me longer than some of my friends to “get it” and understand it, but at least things are mosr definitely going upwards now 🙂 (and about time too, hee hee!)

  3. Hi Shaun, I thought I would chip and say that it is great that you are seeing positive improvement. Keep up the good work. I am curious what is the expenditure that you are talking about? Is that using SA UAW or other promotion methods?

  4. Hi dennis, yeah I was just referreing to some business cost outgoings – serpassist, uaw etc.. To be honest Ive just gone through a major revision and analysis, last week I spent a day with a colleague doing very well and its made all the difference in terms of keyword research, and ultimately profits. So Im going to do a full write up at the month end, but basically, when I was with the guy we built a site togther and 48 hours later it was ranked on page 1 positon 3!

    I went home did my own research and guess what.. I predicted podition 7 for the 2nd site, and it went in at number 9 after 48 hours, but 24 hours after that it settled in at number 7, so you could say I am “happy” 🙂 Now Im analysing all my current sites to decide on what to do with them, as well as looking forwards as well. Thankfully I am on target to beat the last adsense earnings.

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