Progress Report For November 2010

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Each month is getting better and better.

Well my Adsense is – its grown each month and has once gain beaten last months earnings.

Talking of earnings… lets take a look:

Adsense: October was £85.71 (that is $137.63) – and November was £149.73 ($233.39 USD)

Amazon: October was £56.70 (or $91.07) – and November was £29.36 ($45.77)

Clickbank: October was £19 (Or $30) – and November was £38.49 ($60)

WPGM – $20 earnings.

Other earnings: $260 (down from $300)

So the overall earnings was $233.39 + $45.77 + $60 + $20 =  $359.16 USD (£230.42 GBP)

So overall down on last month by around $300 – why?

Well I got an unplanned $50 hosting commission last month which I didnt get this month, as it was.. erm.. “unplanned”

Ive been promoting some software and the number of repeat buyers are dropping, and have dropped a lot, but this is just the name of the game.

The things I have always wanted to focus on are Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank, the others have been nice bonuses.

I am over the moon because this month I had been focusing on Adsense,.. and guess what.. earned more.  In fact it went up by almost 80%!

I’ve dropped a few of my un-needed subscriptions to keep costs down, but plan to come back to some of them later.

So, expenditure is now only £112 so overall clear profit is £118.42 which is a small drop on last month by around £40 on the previous month.

In recent months I’ve been doing some Skype training with Heather Hyvarinen from the wordpress goldmine forum as well as having spent a day with George from Broon Dog Internet Marketing for a days training.

Both of these are available inside wordpress goldmine and offer training services.

Its starting to pay off.

Now I am focusing on keyword research, having had identified my weak points, things are really coming together.

When I was with George we built a site together which ranked on page 1 of Google within 48 hours.

Then I went home, did the same and predicted a position 7 on page 1…  guess what…

position 8!  lol, but to be fair another 48 hours later it DID get to position 7 – so its GOOD TO KNOW that doing it right and knowing how to do it works.

So expect to see continued growth.

I am now going to be pushing and pushing pages – pages that this time, I know should rank well.

A guy in the WordPress Goldmine forum called Briyan focused.  In 5 months of doing Adsense he is now earning $117 a day.

If like me you want to waste 14 months tinkering along without really knowing what to do then carry on, else join WordPress Goldmine and you could see things happning for yourself.

Anyway, that obviosu bit of promotion out of the way, the serious note here is that with knowledge and focus comes money.  Bryan did this.  He focused on Adsense and took what he found to work and turned it into a full time income.

Guess what – he has built 200 pages of content – 50 sites with 4 on each, and only 64 of them are on page 2 – all that money from page 2!!!!

When he hits page 1 his income is going to shoot up to incredible levels.

Anyway, armed with this, Ive drawn a planner for my wall with 200 squares on it.  Can you guess what Im going to do with it…?

Each page I make using my new found understanding is going to have a line drawn through that square.

Im aiming to do 1-2 or more pages a day so Im keen to see what happens in 3 months from now.  Im going to be focusing on Adsense.



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6 thoughts on “Progress Report For November 2010”

  1. Hey Shaun,

    Really impressed with your blog.

    I think Jesse mentioned in a comment last month that it is REALLY refreshing to see someone giving REAL figures about making money online rather than the hyped up BS most IM “gurus” offer as evidence of success.

    You’re an inspiration to everyone, both on the WPGM forum and off it.

    Cheers, Colm

  2. Hey Colm.. umm wow!! Never knew I could inspire folks, but it is a very nice comment and I am thankful for it – so cheers! Youve inspired me too inside wpgm with some of your posts and your steely determination 😉 You’ll have to come to the next UK meeting.

  3. Hi Shaun,

    Great report. I have built my first site using some of the information I have learned from WPGM and ABB. Still tweaking it a little so hopefully I can get it going to understand the true power of the information from WPGM.

    Dennis2 from WPGM

  4. Hi Dennis, the key is to keep going. I can see this after being there over 14 months. It’s amazing how many people give up on their dreams. I think you’ll be just fine by the way 🙂

    Keep pushing and trying, especially on the on-site seo, off site seo, inner linking and solid keyword research, as thats the main thing.

    Good luck on the sites – long may it increase!

  5. hey shaun

    cheers for checking out my blog 🙂

    its good to see you plodding on and keeping focused. Over the last 3 years ive seen so many people lose there focus and give up its kind a crazy. As they say “if its easy to learn then its not worth learning” that holds true to IM completely

    i look forward to seeing your progress over the coming months

    talk later


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