Progress Report For December 2010

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Hi folks, well 2011 and is certainly upon us eh?  I want to round up the fun Ive had this month with Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank earnings.

If you didn’t know, I made the decision to try this full time in April when I had some cash sitting round.  I wasn’t 100% sure back then how much I could do, and to be honest I spent a lot of the time dealing with things related to my late father in laws estate, having a driveway and patio built.

Anyway, what Ive noticed is that many people in WordPress Goldmine would take at least a year for things to start sinking in.  During all of this time many people would also join and leave, but that’s life.  Then there are those who “get it” very quickly and really impress you.

Just a few of the people who have really impressed me the most this year are:

Paul Nicholls – I noticed he spent some time getting it together but once he “got it” – he really got it.

Heather Hyvarinen – This lady proudly states she was a technophobe just a short space of time ago and she is now doing incredible things

George McNaney – I spent a day doing training with this guy, and after seing “proof” I can asure you all this “IM stuff” is “very real”.

There are MANY more I want to say thanks to who have each done their “little bit” to switch certain lighbulbs on inside my head, ranging from Mark Thompson, Paul Forcey, BHJMom,Keith Evans,Leepy40,Rita012,Richr and many more.  So to ALL of you, I really want to say a genuine thank you.  I apologise if I missed anyone obvious.

Let’s take a look at how the finances went in December

Adsense: December £106.87 (166.84 USD) –  November was £149.73 ($233.39 USD) – down by £43.

Amazon: December was £107.54 ($167.89 USD ) -November was £29.36 ($45.77) – up by £77.

Clickbank: £19.53 ($30.49 USD) – November was £38.49 ($60) – down by around £19

WPGM – $20 earnings.

Other earnings: $260

So the overall earnings was $645.22 USD (£413.29 GBP)

Expenditure is £112, leaving a clear profit of £301.29 ($470.35 USD)

That’s that out of the way, so now it is time for me to plan for the future once again.

I’ve been going over my plans and there is a clear couple of pieces of software essential for my business.  Linxboss and Ezarticlelink.

These two are part of a collection of things I use that I deem to be essential.

Both are very very powerful.  Ezarticlelink is fantastic and Linxboss is like “wow”.  It’s hands-free and it shot 2 of my sites to position 1 page 1 within a month of use.  This was 5 months ago and they are still there.

I did unsubscribe from both of these for 3 months recently when earnings took a dip and I needed to gear up for Christmas, but I have renewed both services again.

What’s going to be happening in 2011 for me?

After mytraining with george and skype help from heather and Paul Forcey as well as email help from Paul Nicholls (thanks all of you) I have now proven myself.

Ive carefully built 3 sites since my training, and predicted where they would land in the serps.

They all did what I wanted.  Page 1.  Nothing to do with spammy rubbish content, but rather building up decent sites with plenty of pages and of course good on-site seo.

So I now believe I understand the keys, and now this is going to be my year.

I have seen my colleagues go from a few hundred a month to a few thousand dollars a month, all in the last year.  I hope to follow that same path in 2011 and be 100% passive income reliant before the end of 2011.

I recommend you do the same if you want to get going and change your life.  Only when I stopped all the “crap” and flitting from program to program did things start to happen.  Weird huh?

Now before you think you haven’t got any time, think of me.  I work from home full time by writing for others.  This is because it’s my dream.  It’s hard but it’s paid the bills, and I have very little time left each day.

Take care,


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3 thoughts on “Progress Report For December 2010”

  1. thanks for the kind words shaun

    you have a good bunch of income streams in place now adsense, amazon and clickbank thats what im currently using. Its now just a case of boosting them up somewhat

    i find that once you have some momentum there is no stopping you just keep doing what your doing.

    I look forward to hearing your first $1k adsense month as its a great milestone to hit to get into the good ol 4 figures 🙂

    take it easy


  2. Great to hear that you are nailing this Shaun and I have no doubt you will hit the passive income goal this year. With the fantastic comments others have made about your writing in addition to the fact you are completely booked up months at a time, its obvious you have a huge talent. Now you just need to find the time to write for your own benefit too.

    Good luck.


  3. @Rachel Zaouche:

    Hi Rach, good to hear from you – where have you been hibernating ? Oh, writing, and being a mum and site building.. just kidding. I appreciate the kind words, I hope your things are picking up as well. Lets all hit 2011 big time!


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