October 2016 Earnings Update And Realizations

By | October 25, 2016

I’ve come to realize that I am atrocious when it comes to being focused.  My internet access is on a desktop pc in the same room as the TV.


Im basically going to start here by saying that my earnings have pretty much stayed the same -a few pennies here and there……  all this year my “head” has been in a hundred and 1 places  – “devouring ideas” yet putting very few into any sort of meaningful action.

I do now put on headphones sometimes when working, and that helps block out the TV and I do get more stuff done..  anyhow, that’s that.

Internet wise, Ive just really gravitated towards affiliate website building again.  I purchased 3 domains and 2 have sat with a basic wordpress installation on them with a custom header.  The third site Is a review site monetized with amazon affiliate links…  very long posts (we are talking 7 to 8000 words) – it’s still VERY early days, under 6 weeks, so I dont expect to see much happening for a few months yet – but I DO know I have to keep writing content…

A guy doing a similar thing went to over $4000 a month in 4 months, so that is what focused me to do this, yet I am plagued by distractions and most of the time they win!


I also have 1 or 2 other things in the wings.. one has been an already established business/freebie thing I was doing, so am now trying to get my head back into that too… maybe I should just provide pure focus on one thing and one thing alone..

Writing great content.. and let things take care of themselves.

To link or not to link?

Ive never been a huge fan of building links so never really did it, yet I see studies showing they are still king.. however I am hoping that great content with a few social shares should be enough for Google to take notice and watch as you continue to provide the goods month in month out.


For a few years now Ive been of the opinion that Google will find you out and give you rankings if it’s good content, and I do believe this, yet I had a moment of panic when I looked at a competitors website backlink profile and saw they had about 150 backlinks.. 150 more than me…  so I think “should I do backlinks” or not..

So anyway.. I am going to try and focus on just my content and reduce distractions.. more importantly I need to have  focus…  For me it is about 800 words minimum a day, so I can churn out a new article every 10 days… the first two written were about 3 weeks each.. this third one Ive been mulling over has already passed a week and Ive barely written 600 words… eeek.

Im going to just trust in stuff for now and allow the miracle of Google to work some magic on my site, as long as I produce great content…

One thing that backs up this thought is that I also run (not very well) a site showing free offers and other things…  For months I added 3 short content pieces a day to it…  no linking apart from a few social links – facebook/twitter/pinterest/google plus etc  and it began to get to 50 uniques a day.. yet because I was struggling to monetize the traffic Ive kinda drifted away from it…

Ill update again soon..


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