My working from home business update

By | February 5, 2010

Working from home business

An ongoing update:

Here is my update in regards to my progress made for my involvement with WordPress Goldmine.

I have now been involved for 4 and a half months and to ay I am hooked is a real understatement.

I have NEVER EVER been this “hooked” about someone elses webite in my whole life.  Sorry for the OMG moment there but it is actually true.  Enough said huh.

Ok, the first site now occupies positions 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 on page 1 of Google. My mistake is that the first site was not greatly researched due to my inexperience in the beginning.  – a Still good learning curve eh with a nice outcome, proving that what is taught does work and got me all those positions.

Ok, on to site 2.  I’ve been pushing it hard all week long, creating backlinks to it.. and already the adsense revenue has started to see some interesting results so far.  I’m just monitorng it right now, as I’m always wary of flukes, but what has happened is that I put in some effort and it has thus rewarded me.

The site has been hovering on page 2 of Google but page 1 of Yahoo and the average click value is betweem 40 cents and 50 cents.

The first night I got one click, and yesterday I have had 3 rather nice clicks finally pushing me over $1 for the day in adsense revenue.

Now all I am going to do is keep pushing for top positions and try to dominate the serps for all of the phrases people use.

I can only HEARTILY recommend WordPress Goldmine.(WordPress Goldmine)

Try out their $1 trial but then commit to at least 6 months to prove to yourself it works.  No push from me, except my glowing recommendation of proof.

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