Mini Update – my internet marketing life the past month..

By | November 7, 2011

wordpress goldmineI thought it would be good to mention something.  About 3 weeks ago my wife and I split up.  For a while I was extremely low, especially only seeing my kids half as much as what I was accustomed to.

Anyway, fast forward 3-4 weeks and I’m trying to rebuild my life.  I’ve taken up fitness and have managed to lose more than 14 pounds in weight and am determined to reinvent myself.  It also gives me a good feeling.


As for the internet marketing, well Ive not been able to face it at all since then, but I keep trying.  I keep checking in at my second home (wordpress goldmine) and am trying to keep up to date on things but I keep having up and down days.


I realize now that I NEED to make this stuff work, more than ever… not just for me, so I can buy anew home, but so I can buy myself more time, so I can take the kids to school, pick them up and be in their life as much as possible.   I also want to make myself a better proposition down the line, and this means getting regular income coming in, getting my website income well and truly UP and getting back on track with everything.  No more messing.

At some point I would want to meet someone new who also likes the things I do and see how that goes 😉 but for now, life is happening again, slowly but surely.

Thankfully the adsense income has continued to come in and a trickle of amazon and clickbank but not as much as it used to be because Ive not shown the attention I should have done.

I keep kicking myself for all the missed opportunities.  If I had pushed hard regardless I may well have been on 10 x what I am on now and living a full time income-life.


That’s the real kicker and what I want to address now…

I’m just trying to figure out a plan:


Quality content, outsourced marketing etc on a budget that I am going to stick to.


When I was spending $300 a month on content creation the income went up and up and up and the ride was amazing…  It got to about $70/day but then I needed the cash for other things, so that’s got to be the first thing to reinstate.

My role now is to get those keyword lists sorted out so I can send them to writers… lets get the good times going again.


take care guys…

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4 thoughts on “Mini Update – my internet marketing life the past month..

  1. Scooter

    I’d try to make one website work, focus all your effort on that until it gets to a decent income and then go onto another. The biggest problem we all seem to have in IM is spreading ourselves too thin. When your first website is making passive residual income that will free up your time. Put it on a just ticking over promotional plan and kick into the new site.

  2. Shaun Post author

    Hi, you’re soo right! Only now has my head gotten focused once more and Ive spent the last 3 weeks focused entirely on one site… waiting for the benefits of that to begin kicking in…

  3. Dan Farrell

    Hi Shaun,

    Did you know your email list is not active?

    I love your blog and it’s style. I would love to talk with you re: blog creation, adsense revenue etc (i have many yrs online) and think we can benefit from an online sharing. Email me:

    Build Automated Cash Machines Free Report

  4. Shaun Post author

    Hi Dan, didnt even know, lol! Its active again now.

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