LSI Content Creator Review

By | February 23, 2011

This is my personal LSI content creator review – a superb piece of software which should come bundled with every brand new internet marketers “welcome pack in my opinion.

LSI Content Creator has been developed by Paul Forcey – a full time online marketer, software developer, newbie helper and all round cool dude who goes out of his way to help fellow colleagues learning the internet marketing ropes. In my mind he is one of the good guys and everything he develops makes a great tool for anyone looking to make money online.  The LSI data that comes from the LSI Content Creator tool makes writing highly optimized SEO content a breeze, and to top it off, you know for a fact that they are the right words, and not just words that you “hope” will rank well.  Why anyone would randomly pick words is beyond me.  get it right the first time with this keyword tool.

As internet marketers we are becoming more and more acutely aware of the importance of choosing the right words for our content, but more importantly, we are becoming more aware of the relationship between various keywords.  In recent months, the use of tools like the free Google Wonderwheel have been praised by many internet marketers.  Well, that’s all very good, and certainly very useful, but now, with Paul’s LSI keyword tool, you can take things to the next level.

LSI Content Creator – Simple As A Click Of A Button

The right keywords and related keywords can be retrieved at the click of a button, ready for you to drop into your content.

Please consider spending 3 minutes watching the video below about the LSI content creator which explains how it all works.

LSI based SEO is these days far more important than ever before.  The search engines are very savvy when it comes to techniques designed to fool them.  They want to deliver high quality content to their users, and they have many metrics they track to ensure that ech of the sites in their first few pages is highly relevant.  You need to write about specific phrases, and then also write about related phrases too.  This is where the LSI Content Creator software comes into it’s own.  If you were going to be writing about Green shoes then you would perhaps also write about Green dresses, Green trousers, Green socks (etc.).   You won’t easily know this information unless you dig around.  With the LSI Content Creator you can fethc this infomration by pressing a single button.

You wouldn’t be talking about a Red car on the same page, so the more relevant your content is to what people are searching for, the better chance it stands of ranking higher in the search results.  This is of course what we are all trying to achieve.  The LSI Content Creator helps you get the right mix, so that your content is relevant and interesting to the visitor to your web page.

Therefore it is critical that your web page includes LSI content within it, and is written in a natural manner without having keywords stuffed into it.  LSI SEO is certainly a big topic these days and the LSI Content Creator tool is designed to take all the guess work out of selecting the right words.

It’s all about words, and the LSI content creator handles everything brilliantly for you.

If you can pick the right LSI keywords (using the LSI content creator tool) that relate to the topic you are writing about then Google (etc.) will consider your content to be highly relevant, and if that phrase is low competition then it stands a very good chance of ranking high on page 1.  With some extra promotional work you can soon overcome any shortcomings in terms of the initial position your site reaches anyway.  With the right LSI keyword, the search engines take more notice.  This is whay I believe highly in the LSI content creator.

LSI indexing will also help your websites stick in a good position in the rankings as well because your site will be well optimized on-site in terms of SEO and this will hold more credibility.  All of this critical infomration can be taken care of when using Paul’s LSI content creator.

That’s the theory and technical stuff behind LSI keyword selection, so I will move on with the main review of the LSI Content Creator software.


LSI Content Creator Review

Whats in the LSi Content Creator software then?


LSI Content Creator When you buy the LSI Content Creator software, you are buying into Paul’s legendary customer support.  That is the first fact relating to your purchase.

He is one of the nice guys so you can relax and not really worry too much about the money or technical side of things.  You also get a 12 page user guide that leads you through everything you need to know in order to make the most of his LSI Content Creator software (and I do mean everything!)

There is Paul’s help desk for personal support, and then as well as the help and the LSI content creator PDF guide plus there are support videos.  At the moment there are 3 videos relating to the installation, and the 2 main features of the software.  This software is very easy to set up by the way.

What I recommend you do is to write out your article/content initially  and have it ready.  Then open up the LSI content creator software and click open the Google Wonderwheel query tool contained within this software.  Simply give it your main keyword.  This is the main keyword you are trying to rank for – i.e. Green shoes.

The LSI content creator software will return all of the related keywords (i.e. LSI keywords from Google’s Wonderwheel) and then you can essentially grab all of the LSI text from the keyword tool and paste them into a window on the right of the software, allowing you to glance at them.  It also shows the keyword density for each of these “related” keywords.  So all you need to do is go through your content and weave those keywords in to your content, in a logical manner.  Your LSI keywords should look as natural as possible, and thanks to the LSI Content Creator software tool, this is easy to do.  You might also want to add your “main” keyword (ie Green shoes) to the list on the right as well, and then you can see the keyword density for that too.

It is generally believed that your main keyword should appear throughout your content anything from 1% up to around 3%, although everyone has their own opinion on this.  Then your secondary keywords (related or LSI keywords) should be at a slightly lower keyword density.  Once you have done you will have an article/piece of content which has been tweaked by the LSI content creator tool so that the search engines will love it.

I thoroughly recommend Paul’s LSI Content Creator tool for anyone who is serious about their business.

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2 thoughts on “LSI Content Creator Review

  1. Aircda

    I could not agree more about this bit of kit. I am doing a test right now where I put a fresh article on a site that is basically dead, but using the LSI content creator to theme it. It is early days, but so far I have been found for 6 terms! That is in less than two weeks. Shaun I like the new look of the site.

  2. shaun


    Yeah I have to agree – Paul has really made a great job of it – all the improvements have made it a great bit of kit. I take it then you are simply incorporating the lsi (wonderwheel) keywords in your article and keeping your density up..?

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