Internet Marketing – Why We Do It

By | July 29, 2011

Internet Marketing – A Career For Life Perhaps?

I’m sure many people do Internet Marketing for very similar reasons – financial security, more relaxed and a better standard of life.  For some of us it can be hard to get motivated every day, and you find that you often become distracted with mundane stuff – checking emails, reading a WSO, checking over your favourite internet marketing forum, making a drink etc.  In fact when it comes to learning myu artform (aka internet marketing!) I am absolutely terrible and getting and staying focused.

internet marketingIve been on vacation this week.  Took the wife and kids to the seaside at sunny Ingoldmells on the east coast of the UK.  Ok it wasn’t sunny, apart from Thursday, but we enjoyed it.

Sitting on the beach, feeling the sand through your fingers and enjoying the waves coming in makes you feel really grateful for life. You tell yourself that you want more of this.

Internet Marketing – Getting Motivated

This is how it’s been for me, and right now I am more charged than ever. Ive written down a list of things I need to do, that have been accumulating in my mind. Changin to a VPS host, putting the w3 total cache with amazon s3 on all 45+ sites and testing out a theme which is supposed to convert at up to 12% for adsense.  I’ve got  a number of adsense sites which are 3% and 5% so this is going to be tried on those.  It would be nice to double or triple the adsense earnings, or even for an extra $100 a month – we shall see!

So if you are finding it hard to get motivated, why not go and touch the things which make life worth living.  It makes you wonder if this is what it takes to get you charged.  Feeling and touching the things in life which touch you.

Why not plan a day to the coast yourself – it doesnt have to be a hot day. In fact the beach is less cluttered with people when it’s not a hot day.  Just get up, go and take stock of life.


Why do I do internet marketing?

For peace of mind, and the satisfaction of knowing I did it.

I was responsible and I got the answers.

Life is right now.

You have to work out what life is for you.  If you are reading this then there is every chance you want to learn all about Internet Marketing in order to make your own path in life that is free from the constraints of time restrictions and nagging chains of debt.  I can only urge you to check out my WordPress Goldmine review page – this is what has changed my life and enabled me to learn about Internet marketing.

Internet Marketing is something we do online to change oour life.  The reason I do internet marketing is in the image below.  Living life and making the most of eveery moment.

why I do internet marketing
Family – a reason to do internet marketing

Keep pushing those internet marketing dreams and pushing the boundaries.  It’s certainly achievable.  If you’d like to see how I do tit, make sure you clear oout your schedule and come and join me at WordPress Goldmine.  I promise this will be the best decision you ever make.


Shaun (a real life internet marketing advocator – loving it, and hope to do this till I’m a very old and much wiser man!)

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