Income Opportunity Home Based Business

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Income Opportunity Home Based Business

Income Opportunity Home Based Business
Income Opportunity Home Based Business

Hi, My name is Shaun Baird.  That’s me at the top of the Blog :).

I have to tell you all about the ideal income opportunity (in my opinion) but I just quickly want to touch on something.

Looking at your life, when you are down and out, and life is bringing you nothing but misery after misery and stress after stress, each day seems like a constant headache.

I know it’s hard when life gets tough and I know all you want to do is “work on your business ideas” but there is never enough time.  The kids won’t let you and the other half always seems to have something for you to do.

The house always needs tidying and it always seems to be left down to you, so that you are always in a constant state of “limbo”.

Well that was my life until October 2009  when I decided upon my own home based business.  It had to have the following magical ingredients to be worth it:

1: Give me passive income

2: Be real

3: Not actually be an “opportunity”, where you have to join and refer others.

4: Be able to stand the test of time.

That’s all I wanted, something honest and legitiate I could just knuckle down and get working at.

So with that in mind I looked at a few ideas for starting my own business – brick and mortar businesses, mlm programs (for the passive income opportunity – you just cant beat money that kesp on coming in long after you’ve done all the hard work), and selling things on eBay.

I eventually made contact with a really good old friend who I’d co-worked with about 6 years ago.  Back then he was doing things with blogs and all that sort of stuff but it didn’t interest me so I carried on building websites and growing a mailing list.

When I crossed paths with him again in October 2009 he told me he was still doing blogs and was actually making SERIOUS amounts of money – over 5 figures every month.

It always seems to be everyone else who has the success!


Anyway, my money had dried up and to cut a long story short I gave it a go, even though my heart wasn’t really interested in it.

Fast forward 8 months and I couldn’t be happier I am amazed that I have actually enjoyed doing this when I started it not being really bothered.

It’s because it actually works – for once.  The one thing I’d avoided is the one thing that works, and very well.

I’ve actually managed to see huge success.  I’ve learned so much, and I’ve managed to get my blog(s) sitting VERY NICELY on page 1 of Google, and seeing the benefits of that too.

If you are looking for an opportunity to make income that can be a great home based business then why not join me on the WordPress Goldmine One Dollar Trial.

Now if you can drag yourself into trying something that you’ve overlooked a dozen times and telling yourself you will give it an honest shot for 3 or more months then I will be happy to help you if you need it.  The good thing is that this way of making money doesn’t need any hype added by me because it sells itself, purely because it works.

Isn’t that a refreshing difference?

So if you have your eyes half open right now I’d better add that you’ll get access to the main ebook (which by the way gets updated regularly), plus a ton of videos, and of course the MAIN HUB which is the core reason why “all this stuff” works -the forum.

It aint like any other forum (you have to see it to believe it – only because there isn’t any negativity, and there are tens or dozens of people online at any one time and everyone chips in to help each other).

Heather for instance, and George and at least a couple dozen more have only been with it for a year or so and are now reporting their income each month in the “success” section of the forum.  The income is well into the high hundreds and more, each month.

Also, the best thing is that the income is honestly passive to the point you can go away on vacation for as long as you want and the money keeps on coming in.

For the price of a bar of candy it really has got to be worth you checking out WordPress Goldmine and giving it a 3 month shot.

It’s simple, and easy and every day you try something else is another day you have to work for a boss.

It’s your life, your choice, but only if you can be honest with yourself and try something which perhaps didn’t really interest you.



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