I am moving towards a working from home business

By | January 31, 2010

working from home business

Hi again folks,

I am getting extremely excited now by my progress made with wordpress goldmine.

I started almost 4 months ago, as a complete novice to making money with wordpress, aiming ultimately for a business where I get to work from home.  Yay.

The first 2 months wre a blur of learning and trying things out.

I ca now report that I now have 3 sites Ive been pushing, but just one extensively.  Even better is that I ahvent yet put all my effort in as I want to keep learning.


I now have one domain on page 1 of google for the main domain name for one phrase.

For a second phrase I now DOMINATE 90% of page 1 of google!  Yes, that means that I now have my main domain, plus another 7 or 8 websites all on page 1, all pointing to my main domain.

So, if like me you are wanting a business that is:

1.Easy to do.. honestly.  Ity isn’t rocket science at all.

2.Requires EFFORT.. oh yeah… just follow certain steps over and over (this is where most people fail because they flit from one opportunity to the next all the time)

3. Rewarding, i.e. wit an average amount of effort and about 2 hours a night you can create around 50 blogs a year, each of them earning you between 41 and $2 per day… yep $50 to $100 a day

4. This gives you your life back.  Time.. you remember that and what it’s for?  Nope it isn’t for clocking in at work it’s for you to knuckle down for a year in something real, something genuine and something that works.

I strongly urge you to try out wordpress goldmine because theyve got a $1 trial going on right now.

See.. there wasn’t any hype there now was there?  This is a hype free zone, and I am proud of it.. oh yeah.

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