How To Get Backlinks Indexed

By | May 20, 2010

How To Get Backlinks Indexed

If you’ve been busy busy busy creating tons and tons of backlinks and want to get them indexed then this information will help you.

How To Get Backlinks Indexed

How To Get Backlinks Indexed

Most people understand that to get your site to climb higher in the search engines it is very important, as part of an overall strategy, to have some backlinks to your site.  This often means creating articles, posting in forums, and having a link on those site which points to YOUR site or blog.

This is all well and good, and will certainly help things, however have you given thought to why, perhaps your money hasn’t gone up either?

I want to tell you.

Not all of your backlinks will even get indexed!  Seriously.  You do all you can, and those pesky search engines can’t even be bothered to acknolwedge the work you’ve done.  Well, it isn’t quite like that, but I hope you get my meaning – not all your backlinks will get a second glance.

Hmm.. so what can you do?

Well you could go to some popular “high PR” sites that the search engines crawl a lot and place a link on there, but what about all of the ones you’ve ALREADY MADE?

My friends Peter and Paul have created a suite of software tools, and they are absolutely sweet.

The two that will make the most difference to your business are as follows:

toolTool 1: One of them, an index checker works some natural magic and helps to get most of your backlinks indexed.  Can you imagine what a difference this will make if all of a sudden 200 old backlinks suddenly got indexed in the search engines?  I will tell you what will happen – your traffic and sales will go up, and your wallet will thank you for it.

How to use indexingtool plugin:

It works automatically with no intervention from you.  Simply grab the RSS fed url from whatever backlink you are trying to get indexed and paste it in.  Thats it… forget about it and move on.

What it does is place a hyperlink on a  webpage of your choice, to your unindexed content.  The search engines pick this stuff up, and when they do, they index it.  When thats done, that link gets switched off from your webpage immediately.

Good huh?

If you have an rss feed for an article directory you can basically paste in one link, and over a few days your links will get indexed and remove themselves from that webpage.

This backlink indexing plugin works really effectively and does it pretty much 99% hands-free!

tool Tool 2: This is my MOST favorite tool of 2010.  It’s also one of just 2 or 3 I use every single day.  It’s a rank tracker plugin to help get sites indexed.  It sits happily inside your wordpress blog, and it basically works “real time”.  The very moment anyone around the world searches for a phrase where your site pops up in the rankings, it tells you!

So lets say your site is about slippers and youve written a post called Pink fluffy slippers”.  As soon as someone types in pink fluffy slippers, the plugin records this, and where your site ranked.  Nifty eh?

If your site is at position 4 or more, then just create new content for the phrases that are ranking low and it soon bumps them up.

So if you want to know how to get backlinks indexed then grab these tools if you operate a wordpress blog because let me tell YOU, they work.. and work very very well indeed.  I have nothing but praise for them.



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