How To Earn Passive Income – How To Get To $5000 A Month By Making Your First $5 Online.

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How To Earn Passive Income

Learn How To Get To $5000 A Month By Making Your First $5 Online.

This information is for the people who don’t make money online and who would like to.

My name is Shaun Baird and for the last 20 years I have been a serial optimist who starts businesses, joins MLM’s, looks at business opportunities, seeks out anything to do with “being a boss” or working for myself.

I’ve investigated get rich quick schemes, franchises and dabbled at most things online that promise quick riches,

The purpose of this post is to reignite the passion within you.

If you’ve ever had that urge, whether it’s a tiny fleeting thought, or a heart pulsing desire to “make it big” then I understand you, and believe in you.

You are most certainly not alone in wanting to be your own person.

I want to help you get to your first $5 online, and then show you how you can simply duplicate what you just did so that it turns and grows into $5000 per month.

I also want to point out that this must be done through generating a “passive income”. Not only that, it needs to be a long term passive income.

Ok, now that’s the waffle, hype, fluff and filler, and a quick introduction out of the way, lets say we begin eh?

I know my time is busy, I’m, sure you’ve got better things to be doing than reading about what this crazy dude called Shaun is up to.

If you weren’t already aware there is a distinct difference between a passive income and an income created through working at a job.

After the job finishes and you go home your income stops dead in it’s tracks.

After you’ve created a passive income the income keeps coming when you go home, and continues on pretty much indefinitely.

How would you like it if I rolled a single coin to you once a day? Would it make you rich? Could it pay your bills?

No? Hope not.

Now, how about if I rolled 3000 coins towards you all at the same time and did the same thing every day.

Sure it’s going to get messy and a pain in the head to count, but heck, if you get to keep it, that’s nice money for free right?

So, build a website and figure out how to make that website send you a coin a day.

What about the beauty of MLM?

Heck! I know a lot about MLM. I mean a LOT…

I must have spent 10 years actively pursuing it, and reaching success at times. I’ve got the tapes and the books and actually “talk a good talk”, often surprising even myself at what I know.

However the reason I never stuck at it, or all the other things is because like most people I had flitted from one thing to another when I hit an obstacle.

The obstacle could have been anything at all. It could have been a problem with marketing, a fear of cold calling, an ability to deal with conflicts.. anything.

You know, a family member (who is a successful printer) once told me that I should just “keep trying all the things” until I find one I could do.

I saw the merit in that, as it also dealt with the notion of getting right back up if you fell at a hurdle.

Now, the good thing with MLM is if you recruited 20 people then some would be bad, some ok and some great, with some doing nothing at all.

The money still comes in though, which is nice, but for this “privilege” you still have the “benefit” of your recruits constantly calling you, asking you to attend meetings with prospects, going to seminars, going out leafleting etc etc.

The passive income with MLM still comes at a price. The price is worth paying if you reach the dizzying 5 and 6 figure monthly earners status, however it’s worth noting that there are still a vast majority of people in MLM who never hit the big time, but still have to deal with all the “privileges” of doing MLM.

There is another way you’ll be glad to hear

The way I prefer to make passive income is through building small websites (without any skills I must add).

I figure out how to build a website in a day, add a way of getting money out of it, and sussing out how to drive free organic traffic to it (none of that paid traffic for me, no no no).

Then I promote that site until it hits around $1 a day or more in “regular income” and build a second site.

All I do is rinse and repeat.

I’ve got a small army of websites quietly pumping out money every day whether I stay in bed or go and sit in the garden.

Anyway, enough of the waffle.

You can, and you can EASILY do the same (yes, I really do mean it). I did it with nothing more than a deep “heart wrenching” desire to get my life sorted out.

Yeah, it was time to sort out the men from the boys.


Now you could if you wanted make $5 quickly buy selling your old socks or knee supports or combs on eBay (joke), although they do say its a place where you can sell anything.

Maybe you’ll get the bug and set up your own eBay sock selling empire.. who knows…

What happens though when one day you want to go on holiday for 10 months or you are unable to get online for 10 months do to any circumstance?

Your income goes…

No more passive income… slaps on the wrists, needing to get a job, talking with creditors… it really isn’t all that pretty.

So, let me introduce to you to the one thing that has changed my life. It’s the one thing that has forced me to cancel all my memberships at other sites, close down all my websites and get rid of all other distractions.

WordPress Goldmine

Ok, ok.. ok. ok…. OK! STOP Before you go running off at the “notion” that “oh it’s one of those stupid blogging things”.. “huh I’m sick of all this online BS”.

Just before you click away, please please please ask yourself why you read this report?

It is probably because you aren’t where you are meant to be.

Even if you’ve tossed this idea aside in the past, I can guarantee it’s probably been cast aside based on some half-weight thought in your mind that it’s either too hard, time consuming, or doesn’t work, or you cant write etc etc etc.

There are always reasons given by people as to why they shouldn’t do this.

I can’t stop you, but I want to help stop you going round in circles.

Do you REALLY want to earn $5000 a month (that’s better read if you say out loud FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS each and every month… passively) ?

Come on, let me do a little bit of hand holding.. is that ok?

If you can type, click a single button and generally work your way around the basics of a computer you will be fine – as long as you have that all important “raging fire” deep within. Think of the Rocky song “Hearts on fire.. strong desire.. rage is deep within”…

If you enjoy writing emails to friends then I guarantee you will really love doing this. Not because it involves emailing friends because it doesn’t but it does involve you doing some general typing so that you can write snippets of information (I promise nothing technical.. all plain and simple).

If you want to earn a passive income online then please, manage to trust me, if that is in any way possible, when I tell you that this blogging stuff works… extremely well, and can be deeply lucrative.

If you read my wordpress goldmine review you’ll realize what I mean.

I am good friends with dozens of members there who are all now actively chasing their dreams.

Many are hitting $100 a month for the first time, others are now hitting $100 a day and others are now going on to reach that elusive 4 figure monthly income that starts at $1000 a month then upwards.

I conducted a poll in the forum not long after I started to ask how much people were earning.

There were some people in there doing over $6000 a month, many hitting $1000 to $2000 and others just starting out too.

Anyway, the point I am trying to get to is to say that WordPress Goldmine has been instrumental in helping me hit that elusive passive income.

Every month I have been there my income has grown, and you could do the same.

If you can commit in your mind to trying this for 6 months, like I did you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

It only costs $1 for a full 7 day trial. You get full access to see if it’s for you, but if you join through my link, and need help, just send me a PM in the forum.. sound fair?

That’s a little bit of hand holding, and your first friend inside!

Come and join me in earning a passive income online through the magic of wordpress goldmine.

Seriously though… this way to earn a passive income online completely knocks spots off of MLM programs.  It’s got all the benefits and none of the drawbacks.

This is one of the best examples of passive income I have ever known.

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