How I am making money in 2016 and 2017

How I am making money in 2016 and 2017

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Hi there guys and gals…  so this blog is one of the dustiest on the shelves of my “I.M.” days…  4-5 years ago it was my main hub and for various reasons I drifted into other things and even started an offline gardening round which has since become my main earner by a huge shot.

My gardening business…  earnings and feelings

On nice sunny days of the year I average “very” high 3 figure earning weeks, sometimes dipping into 4 figure earning weeks.    The gardening is great during the nice weather – outdoors, sun tan, keep fit and enjoy the fresh air…  but come colder days it can flip the opposite, along with the income..

Then there is the real headache of trying to rearrange those jobs to another day – not so easy when every day is jam packed with 12 hours of work…

Then from October through till around April the gardening is pretty poor..  like atrociously poor..

Yes, I tried to save and save but has it happened?  has it hell..  We have had a very nice holiday this year in Great Yarmouth – truly wonderful and our standard of living improved but I am dire at saving.

If I had saved religiously I could have saved enough to get m,e through winter…

Along with the gardening I run a lawn treatment service  and there are aspects of the work that can be done through winter – scarifying and aeration… so I will be putting this to my customers (well over 200) to try and generate an income for some of those winter months.

Feeling burned out with work!

So it’s great to be making a success of it, but you easy get burned out then fed up when people don’t pay you on time…  usually at any one time I have to chase anywhere from £200 to £600 from various customers!  The long hours puts a strain on social and family life as often it’s 8pm when I’m home.. kids have gone to bed and after tea and a shower it’s 9pm and all I want to do is sleep!

feeling burned out
Burn out is real!


The lure of the internet for making money

So anyway…  the internet still draws me back and back.. far too many positives to leave it.

  • Passive income,
  • no hassles from customers…
  • earn 365 days a year..
  • not affected by weather…
  • unlimited potential..
  • no staff to deal with…
  • less tiring!


What I plan to do moving forward

The main aim is still to keep the earnings high and good…

It’s good to have the better standard of life even though the sacrifices are real..  however I can’t do it like this forever… so yes I will have to take on staff to do some of the work and eventually all of the hard work but that is not possible just yet on a full time basis..  plus logistically you need extra work vehicles, extra tools etc. so right now it’s a case of having someone work alongside me and help us get through the demands of work quicker..

All this does is get the jobs done quicker and keep customers happier but doesn’t  usually equate to higher earnings yet.

There’s no wonder why the internet is a strong pull for me to earn

At the height of my internet earnings heyday I was averaging $1100 per month – around £800 or so a month..  it dropped when Google started rolling out algorithms and a lot of friends etc all dropped out…  well or so I thought… actually many have stayed and rebuilt and changed tact and now earn bloody good money now…

I could kick myself
Kicking myself about that!


So one of my friends simply reviews product launches and makes 5 figures a month from $20k to $60k a month.. nice

Another friend grew his list year on year and has been full time online since 2012.. nice…

Me.. same boat.. will I ever learn to stick at something?

Well I stuck at the gardening and it paid off…  £3000 to £4000+ a month…  but the prices that goes with that is my time freedom and looking out the window each day at the weather – rainy days and chances of snow simply fill me with dread for the whole day.

So let’s do this internet earning stuff and stick at it

So now I’m going to get back to what I can do.. internet stuff.. get back to $1100 a month and then quadruple that in the next 12 months, at minimum.

I may well have to get a job for a few months over winter and do this in the evenings but so be it.

I won’t quit.

If it takes longer then so be it…

I will build a list as this provides an evergreen income.

How do I know a list works?

Well for one, my friend says so, he built his list.


For another reason I built a list of 1000 people about 8 years ago and simply sent them good info all the time.. Then I once sent out a promotional email and earned $1000 overnight…  so yes.. it works…

I will build websites and grow them and earn as an affiliate from places like adsense, amazon and ebay and other affiliate networks.

How do I know this?  Well $1100 a month on my own tells me that it works and others are still doing this..

Also, 10 years ago I was selling a tyre sealant (a real offline business I bought into)..  I built a cheap website myself and it had over 50 pages of content on it…  it got to position 1 in Google and outranked even the main company website.  I popped an advertising banner ad on the top for “The AA” automobile association  and started earning £200 a month…

It works.

So long term

I intend to work on the internet earnings stuff and grow it.  It will run alongside my gardening round and I will more than likely use some of the funds to enable me to step back from gardening to some degree and pay someone to do the work and maybe even the paperwork giving me gradually more and more time for other things/life/internet/family/following dreams..

So in a way multiple streams of income….


Or I may one day quit the gardening but that has to be a long way off, like when the internet is paying me £6000+ a month minimum.   I can always sell the gardening round, or just keep myself involved on a minimal basis with overall control and simply pay someone to manage and run it all for me.


That will be a personal decision.


Based on my weeks holiday this year(got back yesterday) to great Yarmouth, I really wanted two weeks or 3…

Couldn’t afford to do that due to customers waiting and money!  Hence why the internet has yet another positive.


So signing off now.. watch this space…     My main focus now is to try and see if I can get to £2000 a month or at least £1000 a month by Christmas 2016 to plug the earnings drop…

12 weeks to get to £100 a day.. lets see eh…  it’s doable…



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1 thought on “How I am making money in 2016 and 2017”

  1. So currently I have my sole website and facebook group. Im sure I can get that back to around previous earning levels in the region of £100 to £300 a month. Then invest in list building to try and get to say 1000 subscribers by say christmas or less.. with that lets say 10% will buy my products. So if 100 people pay $27 thats $2700 or arouns £2100 ish…. so thats an aim… if we can go the membership route that adds in an extra residual income too…

    Think outside of the box…. what about a dvd of my videos then you can sell via ebay but also via other peoples’ lists too.. I.e pn for example… what about a yearly subscription to my offline paper newsletter/magazine type thing… or further down the line a full course.. think mr goldsmith.. but I need to prove my earnings first..

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