How A Friend Turned A $50 A Month Blog Into A $600 A Month Blog In One Month

By | May 6, 2010

Each day I work tirelessly and think I’ve got all the methods down to a tee, and all I need to do is work the magic.

Then I read in the WordPress Goldmine forum how a friend has turned a simple blog that makes $50 a month into a blog that makes $600 a month, every month.

Then I read to find out how it only took him 4 weeks to accomplish this!!!!

It’s times like these when I am completely and TRULY blown away.

Folks, if you haven’t yet realised this then you need to take a second look.  LIFE IS PASSING YOU BY.

He has been using a simple wordpress plugin called Rank Tracker.

Click that link for my full review of it.

In a nutshell what he has been doing is  taking the results of the ranking notifications that get delivered via email for your domain.

Then creating backlinks based on THOSE “actual” phrases people are actively typing in.  That’s the sweet beauty of the plugin.  It’s based on ACTUAL “live” searches made by people that day – it gives you the phrase and your ranking position for it.

So if you are anything like me – dreaming of success.  Listen to this.  (It’s a blueprint!)

Step 1: Join WordPress Goldmine

Step 2: Get the Rank Tracker plugin.

Step 3: Ask me for help!

Guru’s try to convince people that all this internet markekting is hard – it’s NOT.  I am constantly shocked how easy it is – people tend to over complicate things when there really is no need.

Come on, commit to the next 3-6 months and let’s see what magic we can work, and I’ll help you out.

It’s only $1 for 7 days access to WordPress Goldmine.

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