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Hi guys, so this is the first ever “real” and “proper” course I have ever created, and I couldn’t have done it without a couple of good friends and well known internet Marketers (Paul Nicholls, and Anthony Mancuso).  This review of “Golden Ticket” is as honest as it gets because it is my own personal course.

Please watch the video below for an overview of what the course is about and below I will provide more information.


Get Golden Ticket right here on February 28th at 10am EST


Let me tell you what’s in the course, and let me explain the good things about it, and some of the things that could have been better.


Golden ticket is a 14 video course that shows you (with proof) how I built (and stil maintain) a website that went from zero to over $1400 a month within 6 months… and it stayed around that mark for well over a year, even though I almost completely neglected the website by being too busy with my offline gardening and lawn care business.

Each video ranges anywhere from 12 minutes up to 45 minutes in length.

The good bits:

  • Each video is very thorough and in depth
  • You are taken through all of the steps bit by bit
  • Very much suitable for complete beginnners.
  • You can see how I did it, and I show you how to do the same.

The not so good bits:

Honestly, I am really pleased with the course and have literally poured out all I know to make this.. but..

Google changes things often.

  • While the basics remain, there is no real guarantee that things will be exactly the same in a year from now.  So you do have to take action.

So the 14 videos start out by discussing:

  • What things are, then progress through
  • Choosing a good website name and
  • Choosing the best hosting provider (WPX)
  • Then the course goes on in depth to setting up the website (properly)
  • How to achieve good site speed load times
  • How to write GOOD content (watch as I write actual content)
  • Doing proper keyword research


So what else is there to say except go here and purchase your copy of my course and you too can be earnbing 4 figures a month within 6 months. 

I promise that if you work hard and put in the effort you will get the same rewards I did when I set my site up and got it to 4 figures a month.



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2 thoughts on “Golden Ticket Review – By Me – The Course Creator”

  1. I bought this course not being able to find out what the actual work is that will get all these great benefits you speak about. Please be upfront in the advertising. I had to gather from watch 5 videos in that you were writing a blog. You were showing your results from doing something, but you never actually said what it was. From the introduction to 5 videos in I was asking, why are you doing what you’re doing?, the whole time. I would have liked to know what the work was upfront. I will continue with your course because its not bad information and I’m sure I can be successful, so thank you for that. Just please more transparent in the beginning.

  2. Thanks Jasmine, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Its my first ever course, and I will try to learn from this. The information does work, feel free to reply with any questions

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