Get site indexed by Google

By | February 19, 2010

Get site indexed by Google

My sites and adsense earnings continue to evolve and grow all thanks to my involvement with wordpress goldmine(click here to read my wordpress goldmine review).

Now for people who are struggling to ghet all of their sites indexed, and more importantly getting their backlinks indexed, I have been using a totally unmissable paid wordpress plugin that does a superior job of this.

If you want to get a site indexed by google then the first tip is to place a link to your main site on a high traffic site, or a site that already is indexed in Google. This means it is just a matter of time before indexing has occured.  I recommend sites like or even submitting your sites URL to places like or

Once your site has been indexed the next step is to write content for your site.  Your content needs to have links to i from reputable sources online.  preferably sources that Googl deteermines has a high PR rating.

Now, on to my utter favorite, and the main reason for this post.

A month ago I purchased an indexing tool that has literally worked wonders for me.

It is a simple wordpress plugin that asks you for an RSS feed url.  Once this url has been saved into th plugin it gets to work.

It will list all the urls that are NOT indexed in google, on any/one of your sites pages of your choice.

Once that site gets picked up by Google and indexed then the link to it is taken down AUTOMATICALLY thus preventing spam/duplication.

Let me put this to you another way.

I had 49 articles over at ezinearticles which were not even indexed in Google.  I was gobsmacked to say the least.

After using this tool by Peter Coughlin, I got most of the sites indexed within 3 days, and say traffic jump by 50% to my main domain.

For me, I call this a success.

I thoroughly recommend you get this indexing tool if you run a wordpress blog, because it works.



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